Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who Let The Cats Into The Mall?!? // WHO? WHO? WHO??

It all starts with the Alice In Wonderland "party" at hottopic (my favorite store).
Well, before then--- it starts with going home with the infamous Alaina, where we got ready and made our Cheshire cat masks. [hers purple, mine gray]
While at the mall, we put them on-- and left them on.
For TWO HOURS OF AMAZINGNESS. Guess who's going to the mall with masks next time?
Things we did:
Had an epic staredown with satan. Okay, a satan-masked kid. Guess who won?
None other than us, da kittie cats.
It lasted for about five minutes, the dude standing completely still and us, naturally, giggling.
The showdown only ended when his friend pulled down his hood (which pissed him off, btw.)

2. Went to the party.
Which was basically empty... It kinda sucked...
But I got free trading cards for guessing on a random trivia question!
Jonny Depp has appearantly starred in 7 Tim Burton movies. Who knew?

3. Made people disapprove of us.
"Weird. Wierd. Weird."

4. Amused people.

5. Wreaked havoc on the kiddie toys.

As you can imagine, this was fun.

Oh, and here's some odd lady with a shopping cart.

Please explain this, because I'm baffled.
Your mission: make a CREATIVE reason why she's towing around a shopping cart and if I like it, I will feature it in my blog? Got it? GET THINKIN'!

I got some new stuff. XDDD
Soooo, be sure to check them out, they're worth your time. Promise. (I'm runnin outta time 'ere)

The Used- Lies for the Liars
The Used- The Used
The Devil Wears Prada- Plagues (Going to the concert in March @ Rocketown)
Alesana- The Emptiness (thanks again, Lainers)
Until next time,
Melody (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Poem From Me To You

I'm in a writing club at my school this year... with Alaina! Only the best. :D
And here's what I've been working on last week and this week.
Please enjoy. ^-^


Cold and Frostbitten,
Unfeeling at best.
The living’s deceased,
The dead fail to rest.

I’m one of the two,
Unsure of which.
My story’s nothing more than lies,
Life went off like a switch.

There’s dust in my lungs,
And a hand cold as stone,
Spindly fingers,
Skin white as bone.

With a heart that’s not beating,
And a mind full of sin,
You can hear my delirious musings
As whispers in the wind.

They say seeing is believing,
And if you look really hard:
You’ll find a decomposing body,
That’s me in the yard.

Far beneath the grass and gravel and clay,
There’s more than meets the eye.
More than just a casket,
Opening with a sigh.

It crumbles inward,
With a hand reaching out.
There’s no surprise who it is,
It’s me without a doubt.

And if you’re not careful,
Children of this age know quite well,
I’ll grasp your leg tightly
And send you straight to hell.

The ever vigilant,
Horo-chan (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lion(ess)... Cat... Thing.

Now, without further adue, I'll present round one of: FRIENDS' FEUD!!
According to our readers.... Their favorite thing to write with is----- No, scratch that.
SURVEY SAYS: The computer! [ ^-^ ]
Pencil: One
Pen/ Marker: A big, fat ZERO
Computer: Five
It got my vote. An infinite eraser is absolutely heavenly. ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY.... *froths*
Pens are for devil worshippers and Hitler. Heil!
No worries, a new poll will be up shortly.
In the world of crocheting:
I'm making a kitty cat thing.
A day's efforts left me with this--- vuala! A head of sorts!
  Is it just me or does this thing look menacing!? I meant for it to be terribly cute, but now I'm just worried. Very worried. And it's supposed to be a cat, but I see more of a lion cub. What do you see?
(Look at the hanging SPINAL CORD!!)

I'll post the site when I'm finished--
the pattern's absolutely FREE!! <(O.O<)
If I ever get the time, I'd love to make a whole spectrum of these guys. Wouldn't black be adorable?? And cherry blossom pink? Ahhhh!

I said that I'd post pictures of my brothers, so here I go!!!!!!

This is Randy with his girlfriend, Samantha.
Gotta love those man-boobs. (hee hee)
He's not my favorite brother or anything. I'd never pick favorites... Yeah... Right....
*cough, I'm a horrid liar*.
Well, when I'm not trying. The other half of the time, I crack up laughing.

Voice: Epic fail.

What are you talking about?! It's not a dead givaway...

Voice: Uh, huh.... What are you talking 'bout, retard?

Voice in my head, don't make me get out the q-tips!!

They'll eat your soul.........
Okay, ew. Seriously.
Onto my next brother, Bryan and his wife, Lacy, of several years. I say several 'cause I'm not counting. For sure. He's okayish- and I still cried for him when I saw him. Of course. But he's 13 years older than me (compared to Randy's 11) and we were never that close. Never have been. Do the math! And honestly, I hate math. With brio. And lots of it. When I was three, he was sixteen/ seventeen.
   My most fond memory of him is when one day, I woke up "late" at night, my parents out to dinner. Randy was at friend's house, or at least he wasn't home- and I was crying, terrified. I found him (Bryan) downstairs watching t.v.; he shared his puffy cheetos with me. How touching.
Moozeek Tyme!
A bit of my favorite stuff right now (and for the past few weeks) is Evanescence.
Here's a free link to their music-- Playlist Presents Evanescence!
I'm drawn to them by Amy Lee's haunting vocals, the piano's subtle chords, the whispering, the environment, the world they create--- everything!
They're 0% pop, 100% awesomeness. Their songs are very sad, though- well most of them are- and easily relatable, well, unless you're one of those obsessively happy people. In that case, this music isn't for you. One. Bit.

Another thing that makes me love them all the more are their album covers. They have life. They have death. They're not empty pictures portrying some vain teen who got dumped by their boyfriend. Or a man's John Deere tractor. These are the struggles of real people, thoughts, and feelings. These are the truth. Here's a few that I love:
Favorite songs would have to be a toughey. When I look for these, I think about replayability, vocals, background/ atmosphere, and lyrics. These are Evanescence's strong points. ^-^

Kayla's Picks:
Missing (Anywhere But Home)
Fav. song when I was 7: Bring Me To Life (Fallen)
My Immortal (Fallen)
Hello (Fallen)
The classic: Call Me When You're Sober

// And more to come, but I happen to be poor and haven't listened to them all, anyways.//

I appreciate all those who take their time to read my musings. Seriously. Honestly. Completely. Definitely. And anything else which might hold the same meaning. I'm too lazy to get a thesaurus.

*Insert fancy theme song here*

Choice Numbah Uno
Number Two
Four Mah Homies

I'm done now....
And to whatever you say or will ever say:
I did NOT just get off-topic.

Okay.... Maybe just a 'lil.

Until next time, mah dearies:
Arrivederci ('til we meet again)
Elsa (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reunited And It Feels SO GOOD!!

For the first time in nine/ ten months, I saw my two brothers. Out of hundreds of people, I think that I was the only one who cried. (except my dad's sneaky tear). A bit sad (the realizations) and a tidal wave of relief and happiness.
I'll post more about this in a bit, but I have to go to prison.
Not really.
But I don't see the "treat" in this "retreat".
Check the news for my brothers!(2/19/10)
Their group was already on t.v. once today after we got back-
Smyrna- Indian Company.
All I have left to say for now is:

The excited,
Sister of Randy and Bryan <3 (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attack of.... WHAT?!

Today, I have a line-up of attacks I've assembled especially for you! Don't you feel lucky? *maniacal laughter*

First up is: The Attack of the:
Shown above, everyone. ^-^ <--(nifty, eh? Both an arrow and a face. Oh, I feel so accomplished.)

It took some effort and time, but I finally finished this moss covered, slime producing ami beauty. Ahh...

Love it? Hate it? What should I make next?  - I appreciate feedback and comments. Show me you care! *insert threat here*

Next is:
Attack of the:
Obsessive Youtube-ist!

Youtuber? A tuber?
Ahh, forget it!

Here she is, Avery-chan, creator of the channel ihasacloud. Meet her epic face and all it's epicness.
(she's kinda hard to miss.
One on the left, Jonathan face plastered on.)
Jonathan face? Yesh, the ghost-person of doom thing from Full Moon wo Sagashite- also known as just Full Moon. See the resemblance? If you don't, look again!!
My featured video of the week is her newest video (as of now):
Rapunzel from the Ghetto .

Be sure to check her out. Literally. ME-OW!
*insert gay joke here, commentors. It's her request.*
Here we go- Attack of the:
Pokemon/ Game Obsession!

Example one: I got my long-awaited Nintendo Power magazine in the mail today- featuring..........
Here's a hint: HEARTGOLD!

The game sounds even better than before- with an included Pokewalker. You don't even have to be elderly to participate, either! Walker? You know? Hah?

Kayla's ready for the new pokemon revolution, (a remake of the old), are you?

Attack of your:
Daily Dose of Cute

I have no clue what these are, but they sure are adorable-ish! My guess is that they're a mutation between some deformed cabbage patch kids and some eggs. What's your take on this picture? *cough, comment*

Attack of:
The Girl Who Wants Stuff Out of the Kindness in Her Heart
That ^ would be me.
Remember that little site I told you about? Social Vibe? Let me explain it so that you don't automatically oppose it. Kay?
Ever heard of any of these organizations:
World Wildlife Federation, To Write Love On Her Arms, Whaleman Foundation, PETA, or Music for Relief?
These are among many of the groups you can support for free. Well, almost free. The only thing you have to give is a bit of your time. After all, time does mean money. // time = money, are we on the same page? //
So join at  and add me, not forgetting to do my tasks, too. In return, I'll do yours.
I'm LunaLovely . Hang on, my friends. // I think works, too!//
If you do tasks and others do yours, then you can benifit your organization while getting some free stuff. I'm keeping my eyes on the ball. The pink ball. :3 Haha! (look at the thing, folks. you'll get it)

You do realize, though, that since this is Kayla you're talking to, I'll slowly fade out of this in time. It's nice to know that at least I've provided 36 minutes to TWLOHA. ^-^
It's about time for me to wrap up for the day- or the hour- or the minute!

So, I'll end with: Attack of the: 

                                                 With love,
Ivy (a Kayla who wishes her name was something cool)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I realize that I haven't posted ANYTHING on this and I'm deeply regretful. *snickers*. Okay, maybe not. On average (when I have my way = no school), I listen to music around 10 to 14 hours of the day.
This includes playing my clarinet, Clarice, who my band director is currently fixing-
Listening when drawing, crocheting, gaming, talking, emailing, chatting, reading, literally everything!
Even at school, single verses are on repeat in my head.

Speaking of drawing, lemme reintroduce you to my friend, Alaina-chan!
                              // train crash//

   You remember this picture, right?
My Alaina-chan Ugly-doll thing? //watch for the resemblence//
(head south, please)


It's nothing- making this view so much sweeter.
Like Chocorooms. (by the way, I only have three left)
Correction: Two
Edit: One

Um.... zero.

Just in case you're curious, this is the real Alaina. She appears:
So educated.
So regal.
So... pff.

Hahahaha! Love you, deary.

She's an all over artist extrodinare. Believe me!

Here's a drawing that she sent me just today:

I'm a total sucker for fan art... And it's HAZUKI! (Moon Phase)
As Hannah Montana would say *insert doped up voice*
"It's the best of both worlds."
Check out Alaina's Alaina-fied  blogspot blog  @ Alaina Speaks
Going back to music, which is what I was susposed to be talking about the whole time, here's what I'm listening to at the moment: Cute Is What We Aim For's Rotation.My brother, Randy, introduced me to them a few years ago with their original albums, but I decided to just get their newest one. When I get money, I'll buy their others, but for now I'm going to have to live with this. Fine with me. xD

Funky fresh beats that really have the power to get into your head. Each song has it's own life, unique from the rest. Kinda rocky, kinda soft, electric notes to keep you aloft.
If you have the time, check them out for free at
Don't worry your pretty, little head, I've already provided you with the link: Listenin' Time
I'm halfway done with my snail, HURRAH! Got the body, just need the shell.
I'll put it up as soon as I'm finished.
(this is a pic I took for a help site.... Cause I'm... Oh, so kind... heh...)

Please take a second to earn a free donation to my Cause, To Write Love On Her Arms, and help me provide Minutes of online crisis and suicide prevention services. Click Here:

Nighty night, dears, this is me signing out. For now.

SailorLoon (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)

// Comments greatly appreciated. //

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm A Train

Chugga, chugga chugga, chugga-- choo choo. Well, that's how it should go.
I'm what you call a "distracted train". Think of it as "my train of thought".
While a properly working train has a mutated clown attactched to the rear, mine does not.
What does that mean for me?
That I won't hit a dog that's headed for the front? Or the town? Have disproportionate children winging my sides? Or worse...  No mischievious face?!
Every time you get off topic, a train will crash somewhere in the world. Is that what you want?! Huh?!



There I go again!! Ohhh, Jimmy... We'll all miss you dearly. Bless your ---


That was completely on purpose, but I hope you get my point. This is why they give people with ADD- pills.
Pff, who cares about the people in them?
(something tells me that I'm gonna die on a train... stupid karma.)


On another note, let's talk about games. (yes, I'm a gamer. Big woop. xD)

My all time favorite would have to be Okami- both for the PS2 and Wii. Glorious game, folks.
You play as Amaterasu, a kick-ass wolf goddess. Yes, you heard me right. Goddess. For once, a guy isn't the main character- and it feels good. The in-game scenery is pretty amazing wonderful absolutely gorgeous. It literally blows my mind how perfectly executed this program is. Clover synthesizes light gaming with intense battles and puzzle solving. There's something for everyone. I've even heard that there will soon be another game called Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou coming to DS sometime this year (2010). How exciting!

       Another set of games I'm looking forward to is the new Pokemon installment-
Heartgold and Soulsilver set to be released in NA in March. It makes me feel nostalgic to imagine exploring the Johto/Kanto region once again as I did many years ago. The past pokemon are cuter anyways. (Growlith, Vulpix, Lapras, Eevee- How can you go wrong?) I'm a fangirl at heart. What else are you supposed to do when these were the basis of your childhood?
(I think I'm purchasing Heartgold.  It reminds me of a locket.)

Ho-oh and Lugia.
Gotta love those legendaries!

Pikachu: *shoves*

Me: Gotta go soon?

Pikachu: *shoves harder*

Me: OUCH! Oh... Gotta catch them all!

Pikachu: No, gimme your lunch money.


Some time ago, I found a quick craft that also promotes recycling! Yeah!
It gives you a template for making a cereal box wallet. I've made it myself, and I can tell you that it comes out quite nicely.
Click me for instructions!!
They're fast and simple. All you need is:
Box (granola, rice, cereal, whatever fits)
Elastic (I used the kind that comes from chocolate
Good Scissors
Pencil/ Pen/ Sharpie

I used Special K so that down the side it said proudly: "SPECIAL". Hahahah!
My current addiction ('til they're gone at least):
Chocorooms. Thaaaaank you, Alaina. *nom nom*
The forever loyal,
Mitsuki (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)

Obsession With... Limbless People?!

You heard me right: Limbless people. (The Oblongs) NOT THAT TYPE!

One thing I hate about so many ami's is repeating a pattern over and over and over again. Like with arms, legs, ears, wings, and other extremities. Two of each! Sometimes four!! What's wrong with one?!
That's why when I was working out the kinks of basic crocheting, I deleted those from my characters-- bringing you the Ugly Doll . An uglier Kayla-fied version.
I sold them to my friends and kept others for myself... A pretty sweet deal if I say so myself. I've discontinued making them, but here are two for your viewing enjoyment.

The one to the left is a ami-cature (caricature) of one of my besties, Alaina. The other is a bride- person- thing. As much as I dislike them... they were my firsties- Along with Ugly Owl, Lollipops, Ugly Garlic, A Just Plain Ugly Cat, and beyond. Ahh, memories....


I'm working on a snail and a pipe fox.
PIPE FOX GLORY!! (these are the pieces...)Sadly, my fox is only about half way done. Half... way... About 60 rows of 120.

Here's the link in case you ever want to make it:

I'm either going to make it my stuffed animal when done or use it as a scarf. Cute either way!
The snail's from one of my favorite pattern books. It's jam-packed with the amigurumi-est ami you've ever seen. I want to make them all!!

Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet by: Ana Paula Rimoli

The snail's from her latest:
Amigurumi Two! Crocheted Toys For Me And You And Baby Too

On another note, I'm finishing up on a season of Spice and Wolf.
Wonderful anime (with subtitles, boo hoo xD)
I can't wait until the next season is released on the internet. I'm getting twitchy.

Eventually... (I'm sooo lazy) I'll make some ami of these guys.
As in: Horo, Lawrence
Moonphase: Hazuki, Kouhei
Inuyasha: Inuyasha, Koga
Sailor Moon: Serena, Luna

It would be cool, anyways.

There's snow outside which equals-- maybe no school tomorrow!!
And I can get on with my obsessions...

Always watching (heh),
Aurora-chan (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)

Celebrating the Year O' the TIger

I celebrate by not celebrating. You should try it some time. Above ^ is my little umbrella mobile that I purchased from Pangaea in Nashville. They sell expensive things there... Although... they're Absolutely Adorable.
They each depict a separate color and animal- but I have no clue what half of them are because:
A. I'm too short to reach the fan/ ceiling.
B. I don't know exactly what they are (except the red one- it's a rooster)
C. I can't read Chinese. Mandarin. Korean. Japanese. Taiwanese. Or anything along those lines. English is hard enough. :)
Cosplay... I'm gonna do it. Some time. When I get enough money and time, I'm gonna make the necklace from Moon phase. (out of clay most likely) It's my all time favorite item from an anime so far... that's at least possible for a noob to make)
Here they are in all their glory --->

Anime con's coming to Nashville in April... So I've gotta be ready for it!

Something tells me I'm gonna put it off until the last minute. Well, at least I tried... to... get ahead?
I'm thinking ahead. Yes.
I'm working on getting some of my crocheting creations up before I totally forget.
And for an added bonus, I'll put where I got the pattern for them. I should anyways...

This little guy's an ORANGE CONE.
(not a carrot, sniffle)
I made it for my friend to go with a bunch of crap for her birthday. I'm having a little-- scratch that- a LOT of trouble giving him up.

The directions were very clear on the base of the cone and it resembled a tiny potholder when completed. And the top? That's a completely different story... I had trouble figuring out the pattern, so I had to make one up for that part. (if you want my directions, just ask) And the eyes are a bit large because the Hobby Lobby around here doesn't have 6 mm safety eyes. 9 mm work though, if that's all you have.
My favorite brand of yarn is: I Love This Yarn, but for this project they didn't have the color orange that I wanted, so I'm pretty sure that I used Red Heart, which I find scratchy. Anyone else agree?

And I present to you *drum roll, please!*


Wiff loff,
Willow (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mad Skillz

I'm working on my crocheting skills.
It doesn't help when you have the attention span of a small dog and the success of a rock.

Success of a rock?
Let me explain young ones (probably sain, too. HAH. Who needs SANITY?!.. ah... hah... hah..)...
Okay. So the rock?
This little buddy's probably thinking of something along these lines:

"I'm gonna get up this freaking hill. You know I am.
Just wait. Wait for it... Wait for it...
See that? That's progress."

Me: You're imagining things again.

"Troll, I thought I told you to get out of my fantasies!"

Me: *coughs* Gay and stupid.
"What?! What'd you call meh mother?!"

Me: Two camels in a tiny car. (thanks =3)


Now that's over, you can hopefully see the success rate of that rock.
And get my point:

It doesn't help when you have the attention span of a small dog and the success of a rock.Yeah. Things aren't going too well... From my view at least. I'll be putting pics up, though. xD And maybr links and whatnot. Depends if anybody comments. Or views this. Please do!

Peace out,
Luna (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)


Bento boxes make people happy. Naturally. (feel free to chime in any time *nudge*)

How 'bout when they're free?

The good just got better.
I recently went to a birthday party where I learned the art of bento... making... YEAH!
(arigato, victoria-chan ~thank you~)
Here are some pics-- hope they work!!

I'm bad at this...
Aren't i....
ARN'T I?!?!



Hi again!