Friday, February 25, 2011

15K, I know

I've hit my little goal point--- and yes I do have something coming up (okay, not too crazy, but possibly crazy cute).

Honors projects are going on this week; consequently, I have four projects to get through with.
You know, I really do need some "pimping ideas" anyways, so please, comment below and give me something to do.

Yes.... I have succumbed to... MILESTONE REQUESTS!
First five (if there are five posts) I might, mightttttt just do. :3 (and not all from one person)
Sorry, my emphysema is acting up. :D

PREVIEW for what I have in my head for part of the celebration... (where's the cake?)

I kinda mighta sorta already.....
(see, aren't I a classy act)

With my own two HANDS, I made my own SAW movie.
Too bad the actors were on DRUGS.

If I ever opened a store, it would be called NOOK's Cranny.

I like TANGERINE flavored dumdums, though they burn my throat.

And  J'aime regarder FLAMES.  (haha, you thought I was actually going to RHYME in French!)

The BEST part..... I'm going to forget these all!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

15K (and not a race)

I will do something interesting and crazy when I reach 15,000 views.
Just watch me......