Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I love this big guy. He's all like:
"Okay, moe-foe, I'm not no chihuahua! See this orange? I'm freaking angreh! Don't make me go all gangsta ninja on you and bite your head off. 'Ya hear me?!"

Yes, I hear you.....
No, not really.

Who needs a boat when you can be like:
I'm onna PLANT!! I'm on dis plant right 'ere!!

And him....
"Don't make me go all clamp-clampity clamp clamp on you, foo!"

The ever-changing,

Monday, March 29, 2010

'Ere Kitteh Kitteh

I have officially started the construction of my "Cheshire Cat Scarf". It's gonig to take FOREVER- but I think it'll be well worth it when completed. So far, I have about a 1/3 or 1/4 of the tail finished. I need to work on my proportions so he's not all..... twitchy looking?
Here's my scarf thus far:

The constant color changes have been a bit... difficult- since I'm not used to them. Thank god for guides! Something tells me I'll be used to them... very soon. Death to kayla. X...X
How long to scarves have to be anyways?.... Don't answer that.
At least "I" think my erm, tail, is coming out nicely. Wish me luck everyone!!!
Dad told me: The modern day bagel was made by a polish teenager. POLISH.
Aren't we helpfulz? Nom, nom, nom.
Remember that pink ball I've been fawning over?
Well, IT'S COMING IN 4-6 weeks!!! WOOOOOOOOT!!!
~And thanks to you guys, there have been 62 activities done by you on this site!
Thank you for your time!!~

GAH! I'm sho very confused....
Someone freaking comment-- what do I need to work on?!?
1. Pipe Fox
2. Driftloon
3. Cheshire Scarf
4. Other (to get me distracted... again)

The Easily Distracted,

Over and Under

Over and Under

Take me to the lighthouse,
Don't lead me astray.
Show me paths through dark and storms
And into the calm of day.

Over waves and currents,
Far under this ocean blue
This light still finds me,
One that's always been you.

Even though the sky betrays me,
Rocks closing in, harbingers of death,
I know I have you watching,
As I draw my last and final breath.

Glass shatters and metal tears,
Before I reach the shore.
The waters part, they close me in,
And I see this light nevermore.

The lighthouse,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lazy *ss

I should be working on my crocheted goods, but I'm lazy. -Something you guys should know quite well by now.
But I have been doing somewhat productive things. Kinda.
Like reading the Hunger Games Series (which I find REALLY REALLY good) Not the best- but amazing enough.
Cover look familiar?
If not,

With help from the internet, I've discovered plarn- plastic yarn. With the slightest bit of skill, I cut up plastic bags with a boxcutter and treat them like regular yarn.
Here are my poor attempts/ experiments:

It's an almost finished "bag".
The picture on the site lied to me. :(

Plarn bracelet...
I like how this one turned out.


Another thing that I've been "working on" (haven't in a while) is my driftloon.
(thank you blogger for the pattern...)
I have like.... half of the head finished... Woopsies. ^0^.
And yes- that is "I Love This Yarn" once again claiming my projects....

*nobody's looking- goes to pet the yarn*
"I love you, too....."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

High school registration is tomorrow (3/11/10) And... I'm still pretty unsure- indecisive as always.

It's my brother's birthday today (Bryan), so for once, a hunk of our family got together to celebrate. Huzzah!
Standing in front of Chili's.... this is my argument for why I want to learn French.

"I don't want to take Spanish 'cause I don't want a boyfriend named Pablo!"
Don't take offense, but my dad found this pretty damn hilarious. Well, so did I.
It's true.
Jacque, clear sailing for you, buddie. Lol.
If you know me, you should be aware of the fact that I can be pretty paranoid at times.
I'm afraid of the dark- and open spaces.
So when I saw figures moving in the dark by our house, you think I freaked?
Yeah. I freaked.
Upon closer inspection....
I found out that they were three (huge!) random deer. Just... munching away.
They walked/ tromped off pretty calmly.....
At least my dad knows what's been screwing with the bushes and his ceramics (mushrooms, rabbits, gnomes)

The easily surprised,
Elenor (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

"Cubular, maaaaannnn....."

Test subjects, test subjects, step on up. Don't be shy.
I have a pattern for you to try for me.
If I can explain a simple patten such as this semi-well, heck-- I can go onto other better things.

Animal Cubes: Attempt No. 1 // AKA Kayla's Noob Cubes

(I consider this ami, but it's not exactly done in the round)
* = personal opinion

Stuff you need/ might want to have:~*G hook/ 4.00mm
~Desired color(s) of yarn
~Plastic pellets (optional)
~*9mm safty eyes (this size works quite well)
~Short amount of time
~Thread (for faces, etc.)
~Scissors/ Friend with a good pair of choppers (teeth)
Terms Used:Ch = Chain
Sc = Single Crochet
FO = Finish off

Pretty basic, folks.
R1: Ch 10, sc on 2nd ch from hook, sc 8 = 9 sc
R2 - 9: Ch 1, turn, sc 9 = 9
R10: Do NOT turn. Continue to sc onto the next side (like a border) //be sure to mark it//
         9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 36
R11-18: Continue "in the square". Be careful to keep it at 36 per row. // = 36 sc
              // FO.

Repeat steps/ rows R1-9. // FO
~Design to your desire!
~Stuff (you can now- or wait until you've almost finished sewing)
~Sew on the last side.
When sewing on the last side, for better, cleaner results- go from out to in though the holes left by the sc. (so you don't form a miniature dent :) ) And OBVIOUS alert- be sure to match up the corners.
I'm a noob, so spare me. :P
If you have any corrections/ tips, feel free to tell me!
Don't forget to show/ tell me how yours goes!!
Awaiting your swift replies,
Ever (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hahaha, no, not really.
You just got pwned by the way.
Troll: How can I when it was you?
What are you implying?

Troll: Nothing..... dumbass.
Why you little!!!! *pulverizes into an oozing pile*
Okay.... that's batter...
It's better, you idiot.......
I HAVE been working on my first pattern-diligently, actually.
It's pretty basic and a quickie at that... but I can't help but be the least bit proud of myself.

Here's a hint or two:

I doubt these will give it away.
The ninja (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


"$10 and I'll take off my shirt

$50 and I'll put it back on."

^ epic face and brother twitch.

Love you, lainers.... HAHAHA.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Really Don't Know

(refer back to Leekatude)
When I have kids- or grandchildren-
I want them to find my stuff years from now and be like:

X "What the f*ck is this?"

Y "I think it's a virus."

Z "No, no, it's most obviously a congested nose."

Y "Like allergies?! How?!"
Z "Well... The skin is white... green...."

X I read a tag aloud. "Leek."

Y "Shiz..."


Z "Wooo! Booze!!"

(SS if you're wondering... XYZ Affair... You know.... Nevermind)
I want to start creating my own [free] patterns (to up my blog popularity to something above -23).
Can anyone give me ideas or tips??
Or at least be my testers?
(sign up/ ask/ tell me- in the comment section. Pwetty Pwease.)

Some random, do-able ideas for noobs (kayla ideas)
-animal cubes
-wii remote
Any ideas?? Please??
The unoriginal,
bleh (a kayla who wishes her name was somethnig cooler)

Short Rant

(how much amage can I do in 10 minutes?)
People who have etsy accounts REALLY piss me off cause when I'm looknig up free patterns, all I see are the names of the blog posts and some of the description.
I find something perfect! Abosolutely perfect! - like a ferret or a fox or a wolf or a cat or a manga figure... OR A WHALE--
And I find out that they expect me to dish out six bucks. No, way. No freaking way am I supporting people with my effort. And string. And parent's money.
Okay, sometimes.
(2 minutes in)

Old people can piss me off, too. Like when I'll be waiting in line... and I am in a HURRY obviously...
But no, they have to be at the cash register, counting their pennies.
The lines that they occupy are being plugged up. Just. Like. Their. Bowels.
And I wonder to myself after running through the store for my item, why in the world was I moving above 2 mph in the first place?! It wasn't gonig to make a difference. I could literally make the product myself in that allot time period.
(4 minutes)
Stupid people also give me the heeby jeebies. No, not just the generic "I'm an idiot and it's okay with me"  thing-- it's the "I'm an idiot and am popular BECAUSE my brain is the size of a small nut" who annoy me. Yay future leaders of america for being dumb*sses!!
Makes me feel so patriotic and proud to be "AN AMERICAN IDIOT!!" (breaks out into song)
(six min)
And then there are people like me who can piss themselves off. It's quite easy, actually.
I can just call myself something and the battle begins.... no... wait... that's over food.
Wait, what? I think I've just confused myself... Please don't tell me that's dragged me into the ranks of the idiots in group three of my list. Oh the horror. THE HORROR.
And now I'm just rambling, which I do best.....
(8 minutes)
Who did I evenb to this in the first place.
I kinda need to study and take a shower and I want to crochet a freaking cloud-- but no. I'm a procrastinator (caught myself, almost wrote prostitute.... wooops. Didn't need for that to get out)
In case you're from group 3....

Goodnight everyone one,
The Rushinator (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)


Monday, March 1, 2010


Leeks. (pattern) Must any more be said?

Voice: Yes.


Voice: No, it wasn't.
Voice: Nope.

...... ....... ...... *seethe, seethe*


The one person conversation,
Charlotte (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)


Nothing else matters much today.
Because I get to announce that:
(not.... a bear.....)
I can die kinda happy now. Lol.
Feast your eyes upon: (readers, help me think of a name!!!)
Here's the pattern! 'Ere Kitty Kitty!

I'm so happy my work paid off....
She took a while....

The deflating
Neko-chan (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)