Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short Rant

(how much amage can I do in 10 minutes?)
People who have etsy accounts REALLY piss me off cause when I'm looknig up free patterns, all I see are the names of the blog posts and some of the description.
I find something perfect! Abosolutely perfect! - like a ferret or a fox or a wolf or a cat or a manga figure... OR A WHALE--
And I find out that they expect me to dish out six bucks. No, way. No freaking way am I supporting people with my effort. And string. And parent's money.
Okay, sometimes.
(2 minutes in)

Old people can piss me off, too. Like when I'll be waiting in line... and I am in a HURRY obviously...
But no, they have to be at the cash register, counting their pennies.
The lines that they occupy are being plugged up. Just. Like. Their. Bowels.
And I wonder to myself after running through the store for my item, why in the world was I moving above 2 mph in the first place?! It wasn't gonig to make a difference. I could literally make the product myself in that allot time period.
(4 minutes)
Stupid people also give me the heeby jeebies. No, not just the generic "I'm an idiot and it's okay with me"  thing-- it's the "I'm an idiot and am popular BECAUSE my brain is the size of a small nut" who annoy me. Yay future leaders of america for being dumb*sses!!
Makes me feel so patriotic and proud to be "AN AMERICAN IDIOT!!" (breaks out into song)
(six min)
And then there are people like me who can piss themselves off. It's quite easy, actually.
I can just call myself something and the battle begins.... no... wait... that's over food.
Wait, what? I think I've just confused myself... Please don't tell me that's dragged me into the ranks of the idiots in group three of my list. Oh the horror. THE HORROR.
And now I'm just rambling, which I do best.....
(8 minutes)
Who did I evenb to this in the first place.
I kinda need to study and take a shower and I want to crochet a freaking cloud-- but no. I'm a procrastinator (caught myself, almost wrote prostitute.... wooops. Didn't need for that to get out)
In case you're from group 3....

Goodnight everyone one,
The Rushinator (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)


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