Monday, March 29, 2010

'Ere Kitteh Kitteh

I have officially started the construction of my "Cheshire Cat Scarf". It's gonig to take FOREVER- but I think it'll be well worth it when completed. So far, I have about a 1/3 or 1/4 of the tail finished. I need to work on my proportions so he's not all..... twitchy looking?
Here's my scarf thus far:

The constant color changes have been a bit... difficult- since I'm not used to them. Thank god for guides! Something tells me I'll be used to them... very soon. Death to kayla. X...X
How long to scarves have to be anyways?.... Don't answer that.
At least "I" think my erm, tail, is coming out nicely. Wish me luck everyone!!!
Dad told me: The modern day bagel was made by a polish teenager. POLISH.
Aren't we helpfulz? Nom, nom, nom.
Remember that pink ball I've been fawning over?
Well, IT'S COMING IN 4-6 weeks!!! WOOOOOOOOT!!!
~And thanks to you guys, there have been 62 activities done by you on this site!
Thank you for your time!!~

GAH! I'm sho very confused....
Someone freaking comment-- what do I need to work on?!?
1. Pipe Fox
2. Driftloon
3. Cheshire Scarf
4. Other (to get me distracted... again)

The Easily Distracted,

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