Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Really Don't Know

(refer back to Leekatude)
When I have kids- or grandchildren-
I want them to find my stuff years from now and be like:

X "What the f*ck is this?"

Y "I think it's a virus."

Z "No, no, it's most obviously a congested nose."

Y "Like allergies?! How?!"
Z "Well... The skin is white... green...."

X I read a tag aloud. "Leek."

Y "Shiz..."


Z "Wooo! Booze!!"

(SS if you're wondering... XYZ Affair... You know.... Nevermind)
I want to start creating my own [free] patterns (to up my blog popularity to something above -23).
Can anyone give me ideas or tips??
Or at least be my testers?
(sign up/ ask/ tell me- in the comment section. Pwetty Pwease.)

Some random, do-able ideas for noobs (kayla ideas)
-animal cubes
-wii remote
Any ideas?? Please??
The unoriginal,
bleh (a kayla who wishes her name was somethnig cooler)

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