Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Loss

Today, my bird of twelve years old died.
May Polly rest in peace.

Date received:
February 1999.

Date passed away:
September 28, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Somebody apparently REALLY hates me.
Cause, I totally know people hate me-- but when they start MEH-ing like every post of my beloved blog, it just isn't cool.
Just stop it, man. You're depressin' me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been featured without knowing it!
(pesky people not telling me...)

Amigurumi site the featured me?


Amigurumi site that featured me AGAIN

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Making a House A Home

I love my brother for many reasons....
A few go like this:

1. After being home for five minutes, he changed the enough atmosphere of the house. Instead of depressing and uncomfortable... He made home home again. I laughed more than I have in weeks. Maybe months. I'm so happy he's home-- I've cried!

2. My facebook post:

"Today after eating ~ice cream~, my brother Randy brought out the ~pickle~ jar and munched away.
What is he hiding from me?!!"

...He said that he's always liked it that way!!

3. How we know where my photogenic-ness  came from.
(He told me not to post this, but since when have I listened?)

5. I can't live without him. (and that darling face)
Too bad he's so far away... 

I just wanted you to see how I pose my own life--- but in Alaina's doll house form!


Something much more important at the moment!!!!!

I never put a picture of my ferret on the internet. Not that I remember.
Heart wrenching. Unbelievable. 
I found one.
Got me a bit upset... Just because of the memories. 
Could it be a sign?

They emailed me that it was something I had submitted (via mail) years ago...
Still.... What a flashback!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Best/ Worst Idea of ...... A While.

What is this stupid, though brillian idea of mine?
Can't be that brilliant-- but I can sure do stupid!
A few words:
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

If you haven't familiarized yourself with this series (The Hunger Games) yet, I greatly recommend that you do. Mockingjay has to be one of the most fantastic books that I've read in a while. Honestly, the past two days I've been on edge wanting nothing but to know what happens to the stars of the first two books.
Wrecking this book for you guys could be the worst thing I couyld possibly do, but at least take a few suggestions from me.

1. Wait until the weekend to read (you should have seen me frothing at school. I swear when the teacher passed out my math test, I was tempted to tear out some throats and read my hardback in peace.

2. Go into a private/ comfy place and be prepared for a long ride. (Private? My dad tried to over me food and I swatted him away, screaming a little. And the book took me a little while to read...which I spent upwards of five hours reading yesterday. You won't want to put it down.)

3. Choose your team and post it here! (I'll attach it to a poll. Please do vote!)
Team Gale? Team Peeta? Hell, Team Cinna?

4. Create the Dream Cast of The Hunger Games with me! It'll be fun, I'll do a special segment on it if I get enough brio from you guys. Show me enthusiasm!!


Which before I continue, must be rated!! (I have an inclination to get off topic as we all know...)

My grueling conclusion.... >insert heart-wrenching, thrilling music here<
Drum roll please!!


I don't know if I'm still riding the wave, but I love this book from the bottom of my heart, my core!
It's horrible of me to say, but I like how Katniss's mental state deteriorates throughout the series. You can't live through all she's been through and be unmarred, scar-less. Collins does this magnificently. Everything has been done right, frankly. Her details are the work of a master, nothing simple or expected, death at every turn. It'll make you sing. Cry. Laugh. Be twitchy. Easily agitated. All you can think about. Have to tell someone about it.
Though mostly cry and be twitchy. (this book is going to take a long time for me to possibly forget)

And lastly...
A well deserved...

One question... How does she come up with all these names?! (I've grown to adore them)

I've been working on my part of the dream cast, feeding off people's other ideas.
My possibilities are as follows (gonna be working on it), you better, too!!

Kaya Scodelario
(has the dark look. Could pull it off. I just don't see famous disney-star actors killing people!! Oh, yeah... they suck so bad they kinda do. My bad. I like her still...)

Ben Barnes 
(already wearing some District 12-like clothes and looking so fine- pulling it off 100%...)
Really cute- supposed to be older than Katniss anyways.

Hunter Parrish (hard choosing a picture. -check a few out- Each one had different elements I liked, and I want you to like this person, too. So cute.)



President Snow:

Other books...




oh boy, I'm not up to thinking this much.
Let's just try to cover the basics, huh?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

French Music

I swear that I might have found France's Evanescence!
Give her a chance- this is some really pretty music (I need it for a French project)
Je'aime cou├ęter Jena Lee!!
I love to listen to Jena Lee!!

So far, I'm liking her, so give it a try. (there will be more)