Saturday, September 11, 2010

Making a House A Home

I love my brother for many reasons....
A few go like this:

1. After being home for five minutes, he changed the enough atmosphere of the house. Instead of depressing and uncomfortable... He made home home again. I laughed more than I have in weeks. Maybe months. I'm so happy he's home-- I've cried!

2. My facebook post:

"Today after eating ~ice cream~, my brother Randy brought out the ~pickle~ jar and munched away.
What is he hiding from me?!!"

...He said that he's always liked it that way!!

3. How we know where my photogenic-ness  came from.
(He told me not to post this, but since when have I listened?)

5. I can't live without him. (and that darling face)
Too bad he's so far away... 

I just wanted you to see how I pose my own life--- but in Alaina's doll house form!


Something much more important at the moment!!!!!

I never put a picture of my ferret on the internet. Not that I remember.
Heart wrenching. Unbelievable. 
I found one.
Got me a bit upset... Just because of the memories. 
Could it be a sign?

They emailed me that it was something I had submitted (via mail) years ago...
Still.... What a flashback!

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