Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Driving, driving, driving, OH MY!

I got this little book at the dmv that was really really really boring, so like any other book, I got bored after four chapters and lost it somewhere in my room....
A few months ago.
But I'm determined to eventually get my permit.....

See, I don't think I even need to study.
Know what, I heard that the test was all COMMON SENSE!

I think this represents how READY I am to be on the Tennessee roads.
And how AMAZING my common sense is.
Get ready for the BEST DRIVER EVAR.

FREE Tennessee Permit Practice Test Permit Practice Test

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Beginnings: Is this the surprise?!

Okay, okay... if anyone has been following me the past year, then they will understand this...
I go in and out of Kayla-Fads weekly, putting everything I have forth into uncharted waters each time.
And then getting bored/putting it off.
(Speaking the obvious.)

Such as
-manga drawing
-doll making....
Just to name a few.

But now, I have a place to put all of my fads:
Phases of a Randomholic
Another blog.

Week-end-o-homework-chan, kayla.

Monday, April 4, 2011

One Day: Musings

One day...
I'm going to be some famous writer and you can say--
"Woah, man, I read that chick's blog! You think her book is messed up-- try her mind!!"
Aha. Ahaha.

One day...
I'm going to have the most bad-assed bonsai the world has ever seen.

One day...
I'll get my parents to close the bathroom when they have to go.

One day...
I'll open an affordable French cafe.

One day...
My keyboard will have the "accent aigu" so that I can spell cafĂ© correctly.

One day...
I'll figure out what shade of foundation to use. Polish yellow is quite hard to find.

One day...
I'll stop abusing my friends so much (but what fun is that?).

One day...
I will open a knickknack shop called "Nook's Cranny" for all the shit I've always wanted to hoard.

One day...
I'm going to crochet something again instead of just buying yarn.

One day...
I will prove that Pluto is still a planet and that dwarfs should not be treated differently.
MVEMJSUNP. How else are we supposed to get pizzas?!

One day...
I will go to bed on time...
(Uh. I suppose that's my cue to go.)

With tired eyes,
Oceana (a kayla who remembers this old regimen

Ring, Ring, Ring

 It's the Bitch Phone.
"I'm lazy---- please hold."
Sorry for STILL not posting something in forever.
But one day I will pop up as strong as a Mexican Eating Tacos into the Blogosphere and blow your minds.
Or I'll just do nothing. :D

And Brette notes (to my amazement):