Saturday, December 24, 2011

"The Arrival"

"The Arrival"

Dedicated to: Grandma and Mitch, my inspiration in much more than writing
Love: Kayla

          Every year is a new adventure, a familiar escape seen through  new eyes—ones merely a year older.  Practically every year is the same ritual performed through longer and longer strides by a girl painted with older and older features. Though she has changed, she realizes with comfort that the fantasy land she has come to love hasn't. This sanctuary would always be her escape from the world of passing and failing into a land of impossibilities and fantasy.
          Once she passes through those magical pines, dusted finely with the most sumptuous of powdered sugars, she realizes her impossible journey is complete. With boots, slippers, or sometimes holed shoes, she shoots down a smooth, concrete hill with nothing but momentum and the gentle guidance of air keeping her feet planted firmly to the icy ground. When she looks back, headlights are following behind her, illuminating the white puffs of her breath. But she can only trumpet with mirth, continuing without complaint, ignoring every snowflake catching in her hair. The best is yet to come, she realizes, dashing up stairs and onto a porch. With eyes wide with amazement, she peers up at wide double doors and finally spots her target: a circular milky-white button. Once the beams of the lights cease and her fellow travelers catch up, her fingers make contact with the button and the building inhales as if preparing to perform some mammoth task. Without a second more of hesitation, the home's breath rushes out in the form of tolling bells, ancient but nostalgic.
          The teenage girl bounces on her heels, shivering under her light, frost-crisped jacket, waiting for the inhabitants of her fantasy land to open their portal and continue her adventure. After all, that year's chapter began the moment she woke up that morning, groggy from a lack of sleep and filled to the brim with anticipation. Shaking the last thought of sleep from her mind, she summons up her brightest smile as the door opens to reveal a meek woman and a towering man, both exhausted from preparations. Twirling on the tips of her toes, she lunges inside to meet the comforting warmth and engulfs the two in embraces, glossy-eyed the entire time. The smells: soup and winter and ancient woods and magic. The sights: floral tiles and dimly lit rooms and plush carpet and friendly faces. The sounds: greetings and shuffling feet and crinkling jackets and the beating of hearts.
          The love: filial and wistful and celebratory and… warm.
          This girl, she knows she's home. And even though she knows this displacement is not permanent (it never is), she realizes that this magic is everywhere: especially in her heart.

I Can't Draw, But That Doesn't Stop Me

For my attempt at a roleplaying site. I've always wanted a mean girl....

Character Name : Felice Etude

Anime : OC  (And if there was one: Fish Tales)

Clubs : To Be Determined

Personality : Once a player, always a player, Felice is the flirt every girlfriend dreads and the girl every teenage boy dreams of. At least, that's her opinion. Haughty and quick to flare up in anger, she is one enemy one does not want to make. It is unknown whether she has a gentle persona as well, though the faked ones are as common as the nasty. Her intelligence is often mistaken as being quite low due to her lack of vocalization; those familiar with her schemes know that her beauty is merely pretty wrapping for that which lies beneath.

Quick Biography :
She appeared on the school's doorstep in the middle of a rainstorm and refuses to speak. Even moreso, she refuses to reveal any of her past. It is rumored, that same fateful night, that there was a monster koi in the academy's pool, a fantail with luminescent purple scales and a golden trail.

Character’s Looks : Despite the fashion of the rest in the area, she refuses to conform to any other clothing style save the one she has already perfected. Corsets, ribbons (especially in the hair), and flowing laces are what she fancies the most, along with the most sumptuous of imported dresses and skirts. Her border-line curly hair is a light lavender, an inherited trait from her mother; her eyes happen to be a darker shade of the hue as well. With a curvy but slim build, it is no surprise she is used to boys pining for her. Below her right eye, the outline of a teardrop peeks out when she peers at one from the right angle. A feathery white shroud is all that hides her mouth, lips caught silently moving on occasion. Her voice is yet to be heard.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kayla's 3 AM Purchasing High

I like to buy stuff; it's most likely a problem.
I like to buy stuff; if you have any complaints, just file them in my pocket along with some money.
I like to buy stuff, but I won't spend it.
I like to buy stuff; I'm a pathological liar. 

Act 1 (Act 1, see, I'm colorblind friendly!)
So, in this "modern age" of ours, my parents are completely and illogically terrified of my computer. It may have the ability to electrocute you (so does your toaster), but it's not going to bite!
I want to buy things off the internet like a normal internet-addict. 
Like books. And cool shoes from Nomadic State of Mind.
Sometimes my folks'll (shhh, I like fake contractions) allow me to use their credit card, in the case of the shoes.
It still scares them.

Act 2 (Act 2) (Act II) <--look at me, getting all fancy and giving credit to the Romans.
Before Borders started dying out like an overheated mammoth, I got the Borders Rewards Plan +, because Borders gives good frickin deals. 40% off all the time? 10% off every (new) purchase?
And then, the motherload- free shipping.
Merely a few months ago, I figured this out and also the "used books" section.
Tempting. Too tempting.
Another parental cave, allowing me to buy a few things (like $1 manga).

Act 3 (Act 3) (Act III) (Act 3) <--homeage to Wingdings. I still don't understand/like you.
Mom bought me a $50 gift card, just to avoid using the credit card.
After buying a book on Buddhism, I found out that Borders... was CLOSING (like WTF, MOFOS?!).
You ruined my deal-making, people-who-buy-data-for-$10! Those effin nook-kobo-fake-book-readers ruined all my nefarious plotting!
At least when my favorite place in the world closes, I get some good sales later one.
For now, I went online, and splurged on all the cheap books on/off my wishlist.
Well, some. Borders would only let me buy 20 books at a time, destroying my urge to buy a tofu-cookbook.
This is my book list, if you wanna read them with me or at least comment and laugh:
(the ones marked with * are suggestions from my Book-Buddie Sam. I think he deserves a good dose of  street cred.)

The Greek Cookbook: the Crown Classic Cookbook Series //Sophia Skoura

*The Running Man //King, Stephen

*Skeleton Creek //Patrick Carman

*The Long Walk //Stephen King

The Vampire's Promise //Caroline B Cooney

Lament: the Faerie Queen?s Deception (Gathering of Faerie) //Stiefvater, Maggie

Reincarnation //Suzanne Weyn

Green Angel //Alice Hoffman

Night World: the Ultimate Fan Guide //L.J. Smith, Annette Pollert

Claire De Lune //Christine Johnson

Other (an Other Novel) //Kincy, Karen

A Curse Dark as Gold //Elizabeth C. Bunce

The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe:
      Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success //Foster, Dean Allen

The Hollow People (the Promises of Dr. Sigmundus, Book 1) //Brian Keaney

Plain Kate //Erin Bow

Ice //Durst, Sarah Beth

Old Warsaw Cookbook //Rysia

Mistwood //Leah Cypess

Girl Parts //John M. Cusick

Polish Cookery//Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa


Act 4 (Act 4) (Act IV) (wingdings malfunction) (gbvfbvgffbj) <--
me smashing my head into the keyboard out of...

Frustraction <---  an accidental word I typed in while half asleep.
I think I'm keeping it.
[Frustration/ Distracted... crossbreed/hybrid]

All adding up to the wopping price of: $31.57 (with tax).

With all my random books, I feel so boss I almost can't take it. 

Mind: Polish Cookery, really, Kayla?
Me: I like golumpkies. You have a problem with that?
Mind: You're going to get fat. 
Me: What?! Correct that!!
Mind: Fatter?
Me: *flips through Buddhism book* 
        No violence. Damn.
        Can I really do this?!

In case you haven't noticed, the font/sizing/fun stuff went wacko. 
No idea how to fix it; I'm tired.

This post is for you, Ms. Sarah. (This post is for you, Ms. Sarah.)
Just in case you're colorblind, too.
With that assumption, I apologize for your unfortunate sex-linked trait.
Your misfortune is truly rare. <3

With love to her readers,
Exhausted-chan (me.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We have another member aboard the Kayla-worship... ship. (ahah, that just sounded so awkward, I love it).
New follower, thank you for making my 3:28 AM special.
For you. Me write. Me say stuffs. Yay! Everybody happy!

Random Ideas That Have Popped Into My Head/ Pissed Me Off

1. Why am I listening to Britany Spears right now? The same three songs... for the last half hour?
Um, I'm switching. Now.
Thank you Airplanes by The Ready Set. My love goes out to you, too.

2. Movies with hidden clips after the credits.
You. Piss me off.
Here I was, in the theatre at the showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The movie just ended; everybody acts as if a fire alarm has been pulled, throwing themselves out the doors, pouring out like a  too thin pancake batter. Nasty, right?
What's worse is that I'm the awkward person standing with my friend, waiting.
After an eternity, I glance at my phone, squinting at the blurred too-small-numbers. That can't be right.
How long have these credits and bloody annoying (epic) pirate background music been rolling.
Do you really have to name every little boy?! Every food caterer to the caterers?!
Oh. Look-y there, the minimum wage cleaners have arrived to fill their bellies with forgotten candies and to sweep the floor. How many people are left again? Ten... maybe?
I wait. We all wait. In anticipation.
The cleaners just want to seem nonchalant, squirming into corners, doing little stationary sweeping motions to appear productive. Camouflaged by their cinema-ordained khakis, they might not even be there, if it wasn't for the awkwardness. I glance inwards, leaning, aiming for a closer look. Is that the lady in my math class who I saw cleaning in the bathrooms earlier?
Ah! She spotted me! Advert eyes, look away, look away!
Then appears... the dreaded black screen. The moment of truth.
Will there be more, or just disappointment? (I enjoy good ol' pirate music, but not 20 minutes worth. They could have made those credits a minimovie of their own! Staff of the Caribbean: At Pay's End.)
Okay, okay.
I see... I see a girl! The girl! My time has not been wasted!
My mouth hangs wide open, eyes glazing over with pure attentiveness.
One minute later.
"Is there going to be another movie?"

And so the journey continues and I'll hopefully get to see the lovely face of Jack Sparrow star in another movie. If not, I want a voodoo doll, too. (aha, inside joke to the... evil... cliff hanger/piss off kayla/ blow mind/ thingy.)

3. I'm an unproductive reader.
Sometimes, I don't start/finish a book because:
-It's too beautiful to end.
-I don't want to become a beast engulfed in a book
(like Mockingjay. My father would ask, "W-would you like a snack? A drink?" And I'd growl and spout things such as "I'm bloody reading!" "He died?!" "Let me enjoy this!!" "Graghfghgf!!")
-Get distracted
-Don't want to know if I'll have to wait for a sequel
-It's summer

It's good to know the only thing I've read this summer is manga and The Secret Unicorn (Part One of Four). And I don't plan on reading the others.
Me? Accomplished much?
You betcha.

4. I've been writing a (craptastic) story.
Should I put some of it on here (?), cause I most definitely need an excuse to write. Long term, kayla-only stories aren't exactly my thing.
I get off topic a lot.
Did I mention I like kitties? :3

With love,
The Wendy who almost has a cumulative 30,000 page views. (sorry, watched a 2-hour Peter Pan movie. Because I'm obviously the coolest. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about pirates...)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Hey, look! I found another scrap!"

"I have no good reason why one eye's a star and the other's embroidered..." - Le Artiste AKA Brette-chan. Or in Kayla-ese, Brettey-ettey-ettey-chan<3.

Meet my friend Brette (I hope you picked up on that), a dedicated reader of a blog which has been ignored by me for the last few months (a shame a shame, I know).

KAYLA POLL #298 (the rest have been in my head, after all)

~Do you like adorable?  [  ]
~Is unique your thing? [  ]
~Are your cute senses TINGLING? [  ]

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then stay tuned lads and ladies!
If you didn't answer YES to any of these, STAY ANYWAYS. You'll enjoy it <3.

With an eye for all things KAWAII, my friend has been slaving away in my room tonight, armed for battle with a needle, thread, some miscellaneous strips of fabric, and a Kayla muse.
Sometimes I give her food and water, but mostly she breathes plushies, or has been for the last week or two. You have to hear this girl go, all brio-filled, searching through my room for scraps, ooing and ahhing. It's quite amusing.
Okay, okay, must not get distracted----- HEY LOOK, FACEBOOK!
Ten actual minutes later.
She's conked out on my bed at the moment, so a feel a slight bit safer typing this. How I hate an audience.

Okay, what I'm liking about these creations o' hers:
One's a zombie. With brains.
Another has eyes a star would die for (aha, as in celebrity. Aren't I punny).
They're all one of a kind.
Come straight from her mind.
And filled with love (though that has to be ordered extra).
They're soft and squishy.
Have the homey-created look a grandma would die for.
Make me think of my bestie with every squeeze.
And make me happy.

So it should make you happy, too!!

Some time, she's thinking of selling them and making them go mainstream, so if you're interested, please step up and comment.
Because if you don't, she won't be getting cake any time soon.

With regards to her friend who gives her stuff which she adores and thinks would be worth writing an extremely long run on sentence for to show thanks and gratification and love and happy sauce and all things good and smiley and that make me feel good cause if I don't the world will end in an explosion of kayla rage but I am contented and don't ever ever ever wanna read this sentence ever again though hopes it conveys my feelings enough so I don't get murdered in my sleep,
~ Kayla

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Driving, driving, driving, OH MY!

I got this little book at the dmv that was really really really boring, so like any other book, I got bored after four chapters and lost it somewhere in my room....
A few months ago.
But I'm determined to eventually get my permit.....

See, I don't think I even need to study.
Know what, I heard that the test was all COMMON SENSE!

I think this represents how READY I am to be on the Tennessee roads.
And how AMAZING my common sense is.
Get ready for the BEST DRIVER EVAR.

FREE Tennessee Permit Practice Test Permit Practice Test

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Beginnings: Is this the surprise?!

Okay, okay... if anyone has been following me the past year, then they will understand this...
I go in and out of Kayla-Fads weekly, putting everything I have forth into uncharted waters each time.
And then getting bored/putting it off.
(Speaking the obvious.)

Such as
-manga drawing
-doll making....
Just to name a few.

But now, I have a place to put all of my fads:
Phases of a Randomholic
Another blog.

Week-end-o-homework-chan, kayla.

Monday, April 4, 2011

One Day: Musings

One day...
I'm going to be some famous writer and you can say--
"Woah, man, I read that chick's blog! You think her book is messed up-- try her mind!!"
Aha. Ahaha.

One day...
I'm going to have the most bad-assed bonsai the world has ever seen.

One day...
I'll get my parents to close the bathroom when they have to go.

One day...
I'll open an affordable French cafe.

One day...
My keyboard will have the "accent aigu" so that I can spell cafĂ© correctly.

One day...
I'll figure out what shade of foundation to use. Polish yellow is quite hard to find.

One day...
I'll stop abusing my friends so much (but what fun is that?).

One day...
I will open a knickknack shop called "Nook's Cranny" for all the shit I've always wanted to hoard.

One day...
I'm going to crochet something again instead of just buying yarn.

One day...
I will prove that Pluto is still a planet and that dwarfs should not be treated differently.
MVEMJSUNP. How else are we supposed to get pizzas?!

One day...
I will go to bed on time...
(Uh. I suppose that's my cue to go.)

With tired eyes,
Oceana (a kayla who remembers this old regimen

Ring, Ring, Ring

 It's the Bitch Phone.
"I'm lazy---- please hold."
Sorry for STILL not posting something in forever.
But one day I will pop up as strong as a Mexican Eating Tacos into the Blogosphere and blow your minds.
Or I'll just do nothing. :D

And Brette notes (to my amazement):

Friday, February 25, 2011

15K, I know

I've hit my little goal point--- and yes I do have something coming up (okay, not too crazy, but possibly crazy cute).

Honors projects are going on this week; consequently, I have four projects to get through with.
You know, I really do need some "pimping ideas" anyways, so please, comment below and give me something to do.

Yes.... I have succumbed to... MILESTONE REQUESTS!
First five (if there are five posts) I might, mightttttt just do. :3 (and not all from one person)
Sorry, my emphysema is acting up. :D

PREVIEW for what I have in my head for part of the celebration... (where's the cake?)

I kinda mighta sorta already.....
(see, aren't I a classy act)

With my own two HANDS, I made my own SAW movie.
Too bad the actors were on DRUGS.

If I ever opened a store, it would be called NOOK's Cranny.

I like TANGERINE flavored dumdums, though they burn my throat.

And  J'aime regarder FLAMES.  (haha, you thought I was actually going to RHYME in French!)

The BEST part..... I'm going to forget these all!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

15K (and not a race)

I will do something interesting and crazy when I reach 15,000 views.
Just watch me......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update everyone!

Thanks everyone for all your nice comments about not meh-ing me.
Kayla appreciates it very much <33333. Oh. And this IS Kayla, I just find it amusing to refer to myself in third person. :3 I hope you all can agree with that. And I also hope you don't think this is a random hacker saying this is kayla writing in third person kayla talk, cause this is legit!
This weekend I went to my first anime convention: NASHVILLE ANIME DAY!
It was small but jampacked with cosplayers and random knicknacks.
I was a cosplayer.... but I forgot to take a picture (hahahaa, kinda)
Link to their homepage right HERE.
Ahahah, not really.
It's here.
But the other one is quite amusing, too.
Me = A smeargle.  My friend, Sami = Shiki from The World Ends With You

Some of the things I splurged on: (all the stuff is SO expensive)
- Entrance fee (only $3?!)
-Kitty ears with bells and tassels $18
-The yellow cat hat from Moonphase $18
- Random humongous box of win- scared me a little $10
- Different box of not win- weird $10
- 2 bags that were also random- random bento boxes inside-both $20
- Candy - $13.50

Here's the candy:

-Orange ramune
- PUMPKIN pocky
- Random gummies
- Little chocolate boxes
- Gum, with the purple top....I actually got that from a speaker that came to my library and talked aaaalll about Japan. (Free recessions!)
-More gum, in blue wrappings-with different fillings
-Rainbow package, kinda like starbursts. But OMFG delish.

I will continue......