Friday, July 22, 2011

Kayla's 3 AM Purchasing High

I like to buy stuff; it's most likely a problem.
I like to buy stuff; if you have any complaints, just file them in my pocket along with some money.
I like to buy stuff, but I won't spend it.
I like to buy stuff; I'm a pathological liar. 

Act 1 (Act 1, see, I'm colorblind friendly!)
So, in this "modern age" of ours, my parents are completely and illogically terrified of my computer. It may have the ability to electrocute you (so does your toaster), but it's not going to bite!
I want to buy things off the internet like a normal internet-addict. 
Like books. And cool shoes from Nomadic State of Mind.
Sometimes my folks'll (shhh, I like fake contractions) allow me to use their credit card, in the case of the shoes.
It still scares them.

Act 2 (Act 2) (Act II) <--look at me, getting all fancy and giving credit to the Romans.
Before Borders started dying out like an overheated mammoth, I got the Borders Rewards Plan +, because Borders gives good frickin deals. 40% off all the time? 10% off every (new) purchase?
And then, the motherload- free shipping.
Merely a few months ago, I figured this out and also the "used books" section.
Tempting. Too tempting.
Another parental cave, allowing me to buy a few things (like $1 manga).

Act 3 (Act 3) (Act III) (Act 3) <--homeage to Wingdings. I still don't understand/like you.
Mom bought me a $50 gift card, just to avoid using the credit card.
After buying a book on Buddhism, I found out that Borders... was CLOSING (like WTF, MOFOS?!).
You ruined my deal-making, people-who-buy-data-for-$10! Those effin nook-kobo-fake-book-readers ruined all my nefarious plotting!
At least when my favorite place in the world closes, I get some good sales later one.
For now, I went online, and splurged on all the cheap books on/off my wishlist.
Well, some. Borders would only let me buy 20 books at a time, destroying my urge to buy a tofu-cookbook.
This is my book list, if you wanna read them with me or at least comment and laugh:
(the ones marked with * are suggestions from my Book-Buddie Sam. I think he deserves a good dose of  street cred.)

The Greek Cookbook: the Crown Classic Cookbook Series //Sophia Skoura

*The Running Man //King, Stephen

*Skeleton Creek //Patrick Carman

*The Long Walk //Stephen King

The Vampire's Promise //Caroline B Cooney

Lament: the Faerie Queen?s Deception (Gathering of Faerie) //Stiefvater, Maggie

Reincarnation //Suzanne Weyn

Green Angel //Alice Hoffman

Night World: the Ultimate Fan Guide //L.J. Smith, Annette Pollert

Claire De Lune //Christine Johnson

Other (an Other Novel) //Kincy, Karen

A Curse Dark as Gold //Elizabeth C. Bunce

The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe:
      Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success //Foster, Dean Allen

The Hollow People (the Promises of Dr. Sigmundus, Book 1) //Brian Keaney

Plain Kate //Erin Bow

Ice //Durst, Sarah Beth

Old Warsaw Cookbook //Rysia

Mistwood //Leah Cypess

Girl Parts //John M. Cusick

Polish Cookery//Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa


Act 4 (Act 4) (Act IV) (wingdings malfunction) (gbvfbvgffbj) <--
me smashing my head into the keyboard out of...

Frustraction <---  an accidental word I typed in while half asleep.
I think I'm keeping it.
[Frustration/ Distracted... crossbreed/hybrid]

All adding up to the wopping price of: $31.57 (with tax).

With all my random books, I feel so boss I almost can't take it. 

Mind: Polish Cookery, really, Kayla?
Me: I like golumpkies. You have a problem with that?
Mind: You're going to get fat. 
Me: What?! Correct that!!
Mind: Fatter?
Me: *flips through Buddhism book* 
        No violence. Damn.
        Can I really do this?!

In case you haven't noticed, the font/sizing/fun stuff went wacko. 
No idea how to fix it; I'm tired.

This post is for you, Ms. Sarah. (This post is for you, Ms. Sarah.)
Just in case you're colorblind, too.
With that assumption, I apologize for your unfortunate sex-linked trait.
Your misfortune is truly rare. <3

With love to her readers,
Exhausted-chan (me.)

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