Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Hey, look! I found another scrap!"

"I have no good reason why one eye's a star and the other's embroidered..." - Le Artiste AKA Brette-chan. Or in Kayla-ese, Brettey-ettey-ettey-chan<3.

Meet my friend Brette (I hope you picked up on that), a dedicated reader of a blog which has been ignored by me for the last few months (a shame a shame, I know).

KAYLA POLL #298 (the rest have been in my head, after all)

~Do you like adorable?  [  ]
~Is unique your thing? [  ]
~Are your cute senses TINGLING? [  ]

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then stay tuned lads and ladies!
If you didn't answer YES to any of these, STAY ANYWAYS. You'll enjoy it <3.

With an eye for all things KAWAII, my friend has been slaving away in my room tonight, armed for battle with a needle, thread, some miscellaneous strips of fabric, and a Kayla muse.
Sometimes I give her food and water, but mostly she breathes plushies, or has been for the last week or two. You have to hear this girl go, all brio-filled, searching through my room for scraps, ooing and ahhing. It's quite amusing.
Okay, okay, must not get distracted----- HEY LOOK, FACEBOOK!
Ten actual minutes later.
She's conked out on my bed at the moment, so a feel a slight bit safer typing this. How I hate an audience.

Okay, what I'm liking about these creations o' hers:
One's a zombie. With brains.
Another has eyes a star would die for (aha, as in celebrity. Aren't I punny).
They're all one of a kind.
Come straight from her mind.
And filled with love (though that has to be ordered extra).
They're soft and squishy.
Have the homey-created look a grandma would die for.
Make me think of my bestie with every squeeze.
And make me happy.

So it should make you happy, too!!

Some time, she's thinking of selling them and making them go mainstream, so if you're interested, please step up and comment.
Because if you don't, she won't be getting cake any time soon.

With regards to her friend who gives her stuff which she adores and thinks would be worth writing an extremely long run on sentence for to show thanks and gratification and love and happy sauce and all things good and smiley and that make me feel good cause if I don't the world will end in an explosion of kayla rage but I am contented and don't ever ever ever wanna read this sentence ever again though hopes it conveys my feelings enough so I don't get murdered in my sleep,
~ Kayla

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