Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today Is Finally Tomorrow

As I promised, I'm posting before leaving for my camp trip!

Oh, and to explain my title-- I've been long awaiting these five days ahead, and it starts today (now it's 12:28 AM) ... which is the tomorrow I've been waiting for. Sleep makes it the "next day" too. Why am I making things complicated? I dunno, it amuses me.
For those following the manga series "Alice in the Country of Hearts"--
The series has been cancelled. Called off. Unfinished at suspenseful volume #4.
With no ending in sight.
How could this be done to us?! *swoons*
When I get back, I'll finish the crocheted seal that I've been working on....
Right now, it's all head and shoulders.
Haha... hah.....

I would show you the unfinished product..... but making you wait is half the fun! 'Ta'ta and see you in a week or so! *skips off*

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank You Marina!

This is my take on the whole BP Spill ordeal.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Oh Possum! (opossum)

By now, you all should know that I'm some crazy sadist. Most probably.
So feel free to shield your eyes, I don't really give a wood-chuck (:3) either way.


All that word leaves me to think is wtf. Lately I've been waking up extremely early or not falling asleep at all. So when that happens, I've got a new ritual.
Sneaking out at 6:00-6:30 and taking an hour or so to walk. This has only happened a few times (better for my sanity, anyways.)

And have seen alot of dead things.

My record so far:
2 birds
1 chick
2 eggs
2 snakes
1 mole (in my gully....)
1 frog
1 turtle


I got some really nice scenic pictures....

Who knew rush hour was also at around 6:45?! Frick, it's messed up for all these people to be up and commuting and have lives and make money at this hour.

Uh, something Kayla-like.
1. I found a dead possum by my road.
2. Felt bad for it.
3. Honored with flowers.

Who cares if they're supposedly viscous. Or unclean. Or whatnot.
Not its fault that it was born what it is. So why not treat it with a bit of care?

After: (I spent a bit picking flowers and etc. At least it was nice for a little while)

Because I know you guys totally LOVE scenics. lol.
Just shut up and look through these.

(As the morning unfurls....)

Looks like some type of legendary bird. Ho-oh? A phoenix?

And.... Most curiously- a lost key. I was really tempted to take it.
Okay. Still am.

When I got home (sorry for all the pics.... wait.... I'm apologizing....?!
You ungrateful  **** *** *** *******!!!
The reason I love those asterisks- I can just put a bunch of them out there instead of thinking or saying something otherwise meaningful. See: ******** *** *** **** *******!!!!
Yay me.)

I'll continue---- When I got home, I cracked open my Kitchen Princess manga and worked on some banana bread.
Word to the wise: make changes as needed- cause writing recipies ISN'T their job.
Why I say this?
For a little loaf of bread, the recipe called for 2 1/2 tablespoons of salt.
Being a good little direction follower, I put in the amount.... cautiously.
When my bread was done (and it turned out beautifully!) I let it cool.... and had a bite.
Guess who spat it out? Moi. Cause it was gross. And, I dunno, salty.
I think they meant teaspoons. Oopsy. Their fucking mistake.
Fatha bought more bananas.....
I'll have to try again.....

(I'm going to camp for five days with Alaina in another few days. I'll probably post in that time frame, loffs)

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Can't Understand You... But It's Okay.

Who doesn't love the "classic" coming of age book, The Giver by Lois Lowry....

(I loved my 7th grade copy so much I turned it into The Diary of Anne Frank for an 8th grade Language arts project..... Yay for recycling!)

About Jonas, a twelve year old receiving the crippling memories of the thousands of years before him through an old man touching his back.
His father's a baby killer. Literally.
Only birthmothers are allowed to get preggo, and they're used 4 or 5 times before they're trashed.
Retirement = death.
He has dreams about sponge bathing old women.
Sexual yearnings are called the stirrings, which are treated by daily pills.
Yay for coming of age?

Here's some video spoofs I found kinda entertaining... even though I had some communication problems.

I'm good. now.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Be My Avatar! (good song, too)

He's so EVIL I had to add a few extra L's. EVILLLLLLLL!!!
The Indestructible Leader Jerk of da Humanoids (kayla quote referring to his...calmness)

"I'm on fire... But it's okay."

For those who have seen the movie Avatar (which now includes moi) I hope you get what I'm talking about.
For those who haven't, you'll probably understand just as much as the first group.
Which is in the.... zero range.


Okay, not really.

D: - woah, woah... buddy. dude. not cool.
don't make me angry. you won't like me when I'm angry.

Who do you think you are, hulk? MWHAHAHA! 
I think you just got yourself pwned. :D


What, you sayin' I gotta change my freaking mood- my emoticon just cause you're throwin another one of your curve balls. I hate this job! You misuse me!! Abuse me!!!

Uh.... Don't I already do that with the rest of the people I know?


Settle down, man..... I'm not-----


Excuse me.... but that doesn't really sound that... well... malicious.


I didn't ask for your whole strategical plan, but........ alright.
That makes my world a heck of a lot easier.

>:D : BUT I...... NOOOOOO!!! .... >:( .... sniff.... see what you've done...? Now I'm just unhappy and malicious.

Sounds like a happy ending to me. *parties*

THE CONCLUSION OF ANOTHER ADVENTURE OF KAYLA: The person who's really good at making others miserable even the evil ones yet it's okay cause she's a baddie too since you already saw that one coming but you don't want to believe that cause it's so obvious and one of her worst evil-doings of evil evilness is making you read this entire run-on sentence which isn't going to end anytime soon and does this remind you of the way someone writes Alaina cough cough ricky who doesn't deserve a capital letter like a real person since he isn't one burn it's pretty hard to figure out what's going on this way which is why this is so damn evil but you'll all forgive me in time I know this since you might still be reading to figure out what the hell's going on but that's the fun of it.....  

Sooooooo..... What'dja learn?



//this was a little tidbit.... will write back soon.//

By clicking "Next Blog" I have just amused myself.
Check this out:

Also, here's the short lived blog of my friend, Brette (check the chat, she's there):

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I sent my two patterns into and guess what?
They were accepted!!!
It's been such a joy to watch my visitor counter skyrocket--
Over five hundred in little over a week.
If only I had more followers, hehe.
Must I get my mascot out again?? (brownie points if you remember!)

Today, I've been lonely, so I began to crochet and sew for my non-existent ferrets (which I would like to have again, I must admit). I wasn't sure whether using yarn was safe or not. Apparently it is.
Yay!  Have tah make stuffed animals for 'em to play with.
.....I will somehow convince them by the end of summer.

Here's what I made from Small Animal Channel. //egg//ball//
The patterns are HERE.
The egg one I've had some trouble with and had to compromise/ fix (since normal sized eggs are too big. Weird.)
And the bell bag... kinda messes with the sound.
Oh, well.

I'm hoping to make a whole mess of these- if I remember- because I want to donate them to a local shelter.
Would anyone else like to join in my quest?
Please comment if so, I would LOVE to hear!!

And the cube toy?
I made from using only a cube net, ruler, bandanna, needle, thread, non-toxic fabric glue, and fleece.

The cube net I used:


1. -My edit to the net-
Notice the flaps? Add one on every side of the net. There should now be 14 flaps instead of 7. Using a marker-permanent or non- and ruler draw the net on the wrong side of the fabric. (so it doesn't show later). Make sure each square is [  ] SQUARE. Please. If possible, use fabric that has squares.

2. Cut out.

3. Sew so (lol, so-so) that the flaps are underneath. Use common sense. Leave the last open. Do all steps if you plan on attaching the fleece. If not skip to step 6.

4. Cut 1/2 inch pieces of sturdy fleece (so your pet can't eat it- yay for intestinal blockages!- don't substitute for felt).

5. Sew them together at the tops so that one won't fall out. Then firmly sew to one of the open corners.

6. Stuff and close off.

7. (Having 14 flaps eliminates this extra step)
Since I'm terrible at needlework, I added non-toxic fabric glue to the sides so they don't unravel.

8. Have fun with your fuzzy, cat, or pet human ('cause those are the best) Mom won't let me have one :( .

WIP!!! (not RIP, ladies and.... gentle ladies...and Michael Jackson)
Working on a version that requires no glue!!! (I think I have the gist of it...)