Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I sent my two patterns into and guess what?
They were accepted!!!
It's been such a joy to watch my visitor counter skyrocket--
Over five hundred in little over a week.
If only I had more followers, hehe.
Must I get my mascot out again?? (brownie points if you remember!)

Today, I've been lonely, so I began to crochet and sew for my non-existent ferrets (which I would like to have again, I must admit). I wasn't sure whether using yarn was safe or not. Apparently it is.
Yay!  Have tah make stuffed animals for 'em to play with.
.....I will somehow convince them by the end of summer.

Here's what I made from Small Animal Channel. //egg//ball//
The patterns are HERE.
The egg one I've had some trouble with and had to compromise/ fix (since normal sized eggs are too big. Weird.)
And the bell bag... kinda messes with the sound.
Oh, well.

I'm hoping to make a whole mess of these- if I remember- because I want to donate them to a local shelter.
Would anyone else like to join in my quest?
Please comment if so, I would LOVE to hear!!

And the cube toy?
I made from using only a cube net, ruler, bandanna, needle, thread, non-toxic fabric glue, and fleece.

The cube net I used:


1. -My edit to the net-
Notice the flaps? Add one on every side of the net. There should now be 14 flaps instead of 7. Using a marker-permanent or non- and ruler draw the net on the wrong side of the fabric. (so it doesn't show later). Make sure each square is [  ] SQUARE. Please. If possible, use fabric that has squares.

2. Cut out.

3. Sew so (lol, so-so) that the flaps are underneath. Use common sense. Leave the last open. Do all steps if you plan on attaching the fleece. If not skip to step 6.

4. Cut 1/2 inch pieces of sturdy fleece (so your pet can't eat it- yay for intestinal blockages!- don't substitute for felt).

5. Sew them together at the tops so that one won't fall out. Then firmly sew to one of the open corners.

6. Stuff and close off.

7. (Having 14 flaps eliminates this extra step)
Since I'm terrible at needlework, I added non-toxic fabric glue to the sides so they don't unravel.

8. Have fun with your fuzzy, cat, or pet human ('cause those are the best) Mom won't let me have one :( .

WIP!!! (not RIP, ladies and.... gentle ladies...and Michael Jackson)
Working on a version that requires no glue!!! (I think I have the gist of it...)



  1. I would like to say yes, but no.
    (samantha's cat died yesterday, too.
    I just found out. Dx)
    Nah, I have a motive.

  2. ironic, my new cat's name is sam.