Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today Is Finally Tomorrow

As I promised, I'm posting before leaving for my camp trip!

Oh, and to explain my title-- I've been long awaiting these five days ahead, and it starts today (now it's 12:28 AM) ... which is the tomorrow I've been waiting for. Sleep makes it the "next day" too. Why am I making things complicated? I dunno, it amuses me.
For those following the manga series "Alice in the Country of Hearts"--
The series has been cancelled. Called off. Unfinished at suspenseful volume #4.
With no ending in sight.
How could this be done to us?! *swoons*
When I get back, I'll finish the crocheted seal that I've been working on....
Right now, it's all head and shoulders.
Haha... hah.....

I would show you the unfinished product..... but making you wait is half the fun! 'Ta'ta and see you in a week or so! *skips off*

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