Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Oh Possum! (opossum)

By now, you all should know that I'm some crazy sadist. Most probably.
So feel free to shield your eyes, I don't really give a wood-chuck (:3) either way.


All that word leaves me to think is wtf. Lately I've been waking up extremely early or not falling asleep at all. So when that happens, I've got a new ritual.
Sneaking out at 6:00-6:30 and taking an hour or so to walk. This has only happened a few times (better for my sanity, anyways.)

And have seen alot of dead things.

My record so far:
2 birds
1 chick
2 eggs
2 snakes
1 mole (in my gully....)
1 frog
1 turtle


I got some really nice scenic pictures....

Who knew rush hour was also at around 6:45?! Frick, it's messed up for all these people to be up and commuting and have lives and make money at this hour.

Uh, something Kayla-like.
1. I found a dead possum by my road.
2. Felt bad for it.
3. Honored with flowers.

Who cares if they're supposedly viscous. Or unclean. Or whatnot.
Not its fault that it was born what it is. So why not treat it with a bit of care?

After: (I spent a bit picking flowers and etc. At least it was nice for a little while)

Because I know you guys totally LOVE scenics. lol.
Just shut up and look through these.

(As the morning unfurls....)

Looks like some type of legendary bird. Ho-oh? A phoenix?

And.... Most curiously- a lost key. I was really tempted to take it.
Okay. Still am.

When I got home (sorry for all the pics.... wait.... I'm apologizing....?!
You ungrateful  **** *** *** *******!!!
The reason I love those asterisks- I can just put a bunch of them out there instead of thinking or saying something otherwise meaningful. See: ******** *** *** **** *******!!!!
Yay me.)

I'll continue---- When I got home, I cracked open my Kitchen Princess manga and worked on some banana bread.
Word to the wise: make changes as needed- cause writing recipies ISN'T their job.
Why I say this?
For a little loaf of bread, the recipe called for 2 1/2 tablespoons of salt.
Being a good little direction follower, I put in the amount.... cautiously.
When my bread was done (and it turned out beautifully!) I let it cool.... and had a bite.
Guess who spat it out? Moi. Cause it was gross. And, I dunno, salty.
I think they meant teaspoons. Oopsy. Their fucking mistake.
Fatha bought more bananas.....
I'll have to try again.....

(I'm going to camp for five days with Alaina in another few days. I'll probably post in that time frame, loffs)

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  1. see the good parts of living life in the morning? and cant wait for camp! <3 ya -lainyy