Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where's My Nina?

Here's another video (well, the song) that you will be very familiar with, Brette. ^^
"Where's My Angel," Mamotte! Lollipop style!

Friday, November 5, 2010


We all know amv's by now (animated music videos), where people put anime to music and such?
Well, because of my friend, Sami, I am now making them, tewww.
Here's my first based on Mamotte Lollipop.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Open to all MMO gamers.
Contact me (Deputy) or Brette (Head) to join our family.
We are Kaylaferret and Kinishi. Family "Feirce_Mask" (don't ask, it's foreign ^^)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Loss

Today, my bird of twelve years old died.
May Polly rest in peace.

Date received:
February 1999.

Date passed away:
September 28, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Somebody apparently REALLY hates me.
Cause, I totally know people hate me-- but when they start MEH-ing like every post of my beloved blog, it just isn't cool.
Just stop it, man. You're depressin' me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been featured without knowing it!
(pesky people not telling me...)

Amigurumi site the featured me?


Amigurumi site that featured me AGAIN

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Making a House A Home

I love my brother for many reasons....
A few go like this:

1. After being home for five minutes, he changed the enough atmosphere of the house. Instead of depressing and uncomfortable... He made home home again. I laughed more than I have in weeks. Maybe months. I'm so happy he's home-- I've cried!

2. My facebook post:

"Today after eating ~ice cream~, my brother Randy brought out the ~pickle~ jar and munched away.
What is he hiding from me?!!"

...He said that he's always liked it that way!!

3. How we know where my photogenic-ness  came from.
(He told me not to post this, but since when have I listened?)

5. I can't live without him. (and that darling face)
Too bad he's so far away... 

I just wanted you to see how I pose my own life--- but in Alaina's doll house form!


Something much more important at the moment!!!!!

I never put a picture of my ferret on the internet. Not that I remember.
Heart wrenching. Unbelievable. 
I found one.
Got me a bit upset... Just because of the memories. 
Could it be a sign?

They emailed me that it was something I had submitted (via mail) years ago...
Still.... What a flashback!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Best/ Worst Idea of ...... A While.

What is this stupid, though brillian idea of mine?
Can't be that brilliant-- but I can sure do stupid!
A few words:
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

If you haven't familiarized yourself with this series (The Hunger Games) yet, I greatly recommend that you do. Mockingjay has to be one of the most fantastic books that I've read in a while. Honestly, the past two days I've been on edge wanting nothing but to know what happens to the stars of the first two books.
Wrecking this book for you guys could be the worst thing I couyld possibly do, but at least take a few suggestions from me.

1. Wait until the weekend to read (you should have seen me frothing at school. I swear when the teacher passed out my math test, I was tempted to tear out some throats and read my hardback in peace.

2. Go into a private/ comfy place and be prepared for a long ride. (Private? My dad tried to over me food and I swatted him away, screaming a little. And the book took me a little while to read...which I spent upwards of five hours reading yesterday. You won't want to put it down.)

3. Choose your team and post it here! (I'll attach it to a poll. Please do vote!)
Team Gale? Team Peeta? Hell, Team Cinna?

4. Create the Dream Cast of The Hunger Games with me! It'll be fun, I'll do a special segment on it if I get enough brio from you guys. Show me enthusiasm!!


Which before I continue, must be rated!! (I have an inclination to get off topic as we all know...)

My grueling conclusion.... >insert heart-wrenching, thrilling music here<
Drum roll please!!


I don't know if I'm still riding the wave, but I love this book from the bottom of my heart, my core!
It's horrible of me to say, but I like how Katniss's mental state deteriorates throughout the series. You can't live through all she's been through and be unmarred, scar-less. Collins does this magnificently. Everything has been done right, frankly. Her details are the work of a master, nothing simple or expected, death at every turn. It'll make you sing. Cry. Laugh. Be twitchy. Easily agitated. All you can think about. Have to tell someone about it.
Though mostly cry and be twitchy. (this book is going to take a long time for me to possibly forget)

And lastly...
A well deserved...

One question... How does she come up with all these names?! (I've grown to adore them)

I've been working on my part of the dream cast, feeding off people's other ideas.
My possibilities are as follows (gonna be working on it), you better, too!!

Kaya Scodelario
(has the dark look. Could pull it off. I just don't see famous disney-star actors killing people!! Oh, yeah... they suck so bad they kinda do. My bad. I like her still...)

Ben Barnes 
(already wearing some District 12-like clothes and looking so fine- pulling it off 100%...)
Really cute- supposed to be older than Katniss anyways.

Hunter Parrish (hard choosing a picture. -check a few out- Each one had different elements I liked, and I want you to like this person, too. So cute.)



President Snow:

Other books...




oh boy, I'm not up to thinking this much.
Let's just try to cover the basics, huh?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

French Music

I swear that I might have found France's Evanescence!
Give her a chance- this is some really pretty music (I need it for a French project)
Je'aime couéter Jena Lee!!
I love to listen to Jena Lee!!

So far, I'm liking her, so give it a try. (there will be more)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I like facebook's new format.

(what I saw when I went on facebook today)

� �V]s۶ }ϯ@8�" ҠdŎ �8�{��SgR��vl_ D�$L `@P���߅H�j�v�������9����ӓ��ů NQa*�>|z}�v���(��x E' '�o.ޟ� ���扉�ӟ�' !�0�~ E�� /�X�<�� �YG#k� w�� NM�L� �p�*! � F�����c � T��a�A�#� '� �)U:( � WH���f �h ? 3 .e� ��s�L�4L� �� �u3� vg" ����a��&�9pP�W^,���۞,Kk�$�� Y���-��n F����������)l �����V |y�rx� ��D5 x߀tq d�ן� �_�~å �xn ��,&�CߟiF�uV��\��%;a��W=�r� � *_Q ]2qC�ǿ "2���-�9n � �� p� ���7�{��|��Xϸaz3?�B��t �6 ��s�������?�� ��]�Jro+�7@5� �V����K ��F�� �Jx.�Ii J� ��j���N���m� 7:!v � ��w�d�� �E�6K���sI �c�P��< ��# �� �s �>�}�o �B�]�&�e��i�� �J�%O�q��)�z-�M%���UG�� �B�mQV �/�kB\ۙd���븁 <�� �{u�"7�z%�E�B>8�ca� � �w ��] �K�o �� Z�k �" � ��� 4��kh#Q�1&GR�#�MS�,��P}<# ]�KMK��|5'u��j ���3b��M6�Y ��m`�(� >��V��j�L��;�Ri J�L�����u���m�� �΍x�(jT©@���Kd j�e�� �� C n �i�d &2E� L7hQ(�P� Qc�t�� |� ժ�1��0��9i��l��B%c5j��8 a�f xB� ���M�l� � �Y�`�jH @�eGg�Sf�W�PN%�� 3��W@���� U� ܽ��4 ġ *�����~�)| �����A� ��ҺO@ T+�+4��:ȭ ���p�(4f)@I��w�����`Z�l�� Kf" ��f~���wQA�"J �Ⱦ�) ��@U�NN� ����y �bww����; �My� �2S/�K� |�k・���y�/�_���Q2Z��� |�w�K/�6�_� � �� �� �\�z�Ʋ��S(Z+ N0 �����43Nf���J�a�>I � K�`��.�v?�ϓ���[�%��5Nv.2 �[���U�uԋ� ]{?��{�I>�H���!_-��m���+ Bk�+Y�u�ѭ�ߗe� �I��W�fKÎ5-8�? ��u�¥F�4� / 4��G� ��HL=.3�NK�8V�:��};w� @���p�,D$�SU!��1TE�M罱=�ҍ� �ǧ ��_� (�pݝ�C+�) �� QK� --��� 佃��I 7� ���}g��� �%苼0iM ���wǾׅ����C�� F��2.��� � �����bg4�� �}� �V ���2�a� u � ���m0Q'hl�Z�\+�*V����n�h�:��](W�ժ aoLB � �� �n����L�B�^� `�6���ѷ ��P�#K LlC�`� ȡ�n &T�Ih�)0{��-�g<�Î;a��>�m�� �gUI�ab+� & h\ ��z��. X�g��Z�S) ��ݨTKF�^31���7p>����[�M� ��G/�� �� �sR{� � ��k�e��� u��b'�� � �� ��|� �H�ˣ��np �4�=w���~Ŵ-E4C > < H P ��`� � }'��¾)-ea�*��./a" G�ɰ�cÇEt �2�|�B��G|- � ;����$ 9 � ��Ξ� thn ]�='�f�p��;�g ����=q 9Zl2��l����¬�\ ��ɹ�<�M (>�Z m{#� � ���+P��7� �( ��H���K Z��]��x2�X��R� <) e� � p:�^��ނ�a�*h����">�� ��?�� a5�s���� Ֆ�U��L��3��%(� ~�y�6��.:��0)�x�,� �~G���|ᔹi���\��XL ���"ѵX� �� �; )]��(�c ̯�G� ��T��� [ �� N� F�`�n%~����^,���X&� � �(�_�H�bll� Ϳe�ZA��l��� ���y!�ϡ � ��´Jl�� ����4���B�B �$ NC�vB��ˊr��' �'�� l渔XB� Bߐu є�T#�8&8i����D� � �Y�[_ ?�� &n,1ps � ނE�W � E~�.+����_'�R �4v l)�SLs:2��#<#�k��V�01�� 1?�B�+ �X Ojꛕ�3�$ ��[4� 3��ߚ�j�$�#^�։0-�h����9Ȃb�Ģ�Εa�{� 5�ʖ���m侠����D�N � 1�41����> � D@$����pW�% �痴˲!֧S �m�՚.a� �K��� '��`V�� ����tV��V�ȧ% X�-&� h m�od gP]��Ť:4��e{���n:�M1#K�b& � �U(g�� �@ �� � �(���Ȃ�=WgY }�%SZv ��n"? >� ������ wM�D ��dnr�I��Z�M �| "�jBA �� �cp���HF a^� ��*�� QJh�Ç��r5z �`:r��f�� �������ل7��ˣ# 9ÝL���W욚]�j �^�*E��9#d(|� � ��2 �m׵�6�� �"ܥ1�ܛ }Ź /!� � �� � ���,\� �$��f<$ Q_���-,\@� �s��� Ǟ%YF�}�\���fκ�t�,�$0̲� ��4 ���� MH�bL&& � �T������ ���� RN�� �D����V�-l�<��< �N�7M50n]# �t�HL q�3 $� G2���eh���" ��!�vݮ� oR �X�{ܹ��� N\:H�mC�54�g�㓧S��� |�#P+� D �h�f��jG�� �\ Z&+P�S�� ,���1�E��- � z_��]x �� �ٱ���ҎEL,��� ���`7 Y�� �R5�>��Z��k5��+ �|z���7��1|�H�h�? 3*�� �����-�A���ҤO "!&��!��u :I� RFH@� �B# �-��~ �� S�ri�!�g� �2 ����ʿ -�ƾ35�ۄOS�n�H&� � c��ŷ �a����.���1?Q��o�]9��b�I�`j5� � '<�K�C\Ϧ�-� \���1� �)��d$�u�L%n�����Z <~�� �ų��{�f��D@zA 붪�rǨ K�J�f�Ū]*�K�r W2 ln�0mw �+�v ��K 呾' ��P��l�X�`W9�I�� Ѫp �{':e�� z:�$��c�� M� �� SF� �(�bR�U�zHa ��(&! � '��~� !1X�W~�7� �r(��� � _�g�|H�NQ��XƄ�1� ����L d�Mm� � I�v7 ��d8J�#�Eꏱ!���\`*����0 �7$�Xo:G� �eJ N� !��c�a�ڔ g��D� �� 2}H �s gi�9� �S��ʳ��& �Q+opU@t ��5 ���9:aA�G ��6 �aL�L�vYt2��!��Q�X� � RT9�'F� ?��Y�U*� ~j�\���i9�P�גV�h� �#�[���bA�Í��� ۀ%f�H���y8� �.� �@�� v?M|�E5/ߔ �)��?�͑ FєN ���j�M�'�~S�B��+��|�Sg�Yd�� \V�C�{�z��<�̇� )� M�l����G��Q�# ��?F�p� Dd ! ��gɷp�Dz �]�

One o'clock Ramblings

I'm just going to type everything that comes off the top of my head....

They scare the hell out of me with their probing eyes, needles, and scalpels. Yeah, they're beneficial and blah, blah, blah- we all have to admit they're terrifying.
Well, at least to me. Cause I've got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday since I found a weird bump on my left breast and don't want to end up looking like my poor rats.
(this isn't my picture, but I think it shows my point.)
Future me isn't looking too good.....


Mockingjay comes out tomorrow!!
The long awaited finale to The Hunger Games series, which I have mentioned before.
If you haven't given it a try, do so now. What a gripping, heart wrenching tale... and finally the conclusion to the trio is out. I'm really regretting pre-ordering the book (since I'm getting it around September 2nd. I didn't know there was going to be a release party at borders...)
That party-- I'm so going to.
4:00 PM. I'm semi-pumped since all my former plans were canceled.
Though I'll kinda be going it alone....
At least I'm going to buy some merch. and new manga- also The Iron Daughter, sequel to The Iron King.
Which are definitely worth a read.

I've got to go soon (being banished to the downstairs realms).
Before I leave, I've got to touch on one last subject----


An adorable MMO, lemme tell you. As my friend Brette told me--- if you want to play the game, avoid the "world server" --hence it's of the world and runs very slowly.
And I'LL be on the UK version, so you'll HAVE to go on it. Problem solved.
I don't know how to explain the game.... but it's so adorable to kill things!!

Here's the basic instructions she gave me:

1. Go to and browse the games until you find NosTale.
2. Click and go to "help".
3. Make sure the setting is on "UK" and download!

--You might need an account to the site first, which takes roughly a minute.--


goodnight my lovelies.
<3, Kayla.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today I got to watch
P.S. It was hilarious, folks. So hilarious in fact, it receives:

So does this,
A new phenomenon- the double rainbow song- whom I would sell out all my friends just to hear.
It's that addictive. (sorry everyone... not really)

Just in case you don't know what all the fuss is about:
Here's the videos!


And the best part: someone's remix.

I'm seriously going to buy this thing, and the best part, I think I've driven my parents half crazy!!

Look at all the other people who've gotten into this craze!!
(I'm so proud *gush gush*)

See, now you can get what the hell's going on!


Adventure Time..... (thanks, Alaina for cluing me in!)

A double rainbow ice cream shop.... (who knew?!?)

This..... is just amusing...
(dude... you can stop frickin orgasming with your cereal...)


I'll add more things when I see them... (I think Brette's getting impatient)

Hey, Gaia Online's part of it, too!! (Katherine told meh)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Insight into the pod-people

*sits down in a ballet style, grinding to the beat, waving arms like swatting mosquitos*

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now...."

    I know I promised that I'd never fall victim to the music the "populars" worship, but I can't help but like "Airplanes" by B.o.b. (almost started crying!). I've always liked music that's a synthesis of Alternative and Rap. I'm not a fan of rap, but like this, it fits perfectly. Same with "Hero (Red pill mix)" curtesy of Superchick.

Still, I don't understand pod-people. Even though I am now one of them.
Not really, I kind of like using my brain.

Right now, I'm here to talk about this terror above all terrors-- something worse than "Beiber Fever".
We've all gotten our vaccinations, so I believe it's fine to move onto something slightly less scarring but a whole heck of alot scarier.

Yeah, that.
We all know what I'm talking about- the dumbasses who frolic around school singing only songs that their leaders have approved (which are usually found on one of the top 10 iTunes lists- how original) wearing advertisments plastered to their butts or chests (abrozombie and witch, tommy hillbillyfinger, and ect.).

It's probably been like this since the beginning of time.

But it's only been recently that people have begun to fight back in the form of:

Alternative music
Hot topic
Parodies of popular movies/songs (Weird Al Yankovic, Scary movie, Vampires Bite -recent-)
Birth control
Common sense.

Come on people!! It's not that difficult to combat!!

(Have to go soon, let the ferrets out, highschool info night, too)

Awww, look at my manly Romeo soaking up the camera light~! <333

Here's an adorable shot of my dog, Penny.

(I PROMISE that I didn't stage this.
My dad was walking/hobbling down the stairs when he showed me THIS!)

One last thing....

J-U-H-I S-E-Z H-I!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sorry, my loffs!

I will get back to writing very soon!
The wait: cause I was in washington D.C. for nine days anddddddd....
(took like....3 minutes of saw it coming four months ago)
Unoffical names:
Romeo and Juliet.
Getting them tomorrow!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

But..... I'M SLOW!!

Time to catch up on the books I've been reading the last few months.... stupid slacker tendencies. I'll see if I can remember what I had to say about them- I really hate my memory.
It'll recall stupid minute details, though nothing important.

Starting with....

Cut by Patricia McCormick

Starting with what the back cover had to say....

    Callie cuts herself. Never too deep, never enough to die. But enough to feel the pain. Enough to feel the scream inside.
     Now she's at Sea Pines, a "residental treatment facility" filled with girls struggling with problems of their own. Callie doesn't want to have anything to do with them. She doesn't want anything to do with anyone. She won't even speak.
     But Callie can only stay silent for so long....
My take on it:

It's never a good sign when a book begins with three pages of positive reviews.
The publisher is basically putting the raves up as a safety net-
"Don't like it? You.... you have to like the book! Look at these famous people! See all this?! They liked it... So you ha-have to... Have to! HAVE TO!!!"

Yeah, you see where I'm going.

The second thing- Patricia McCormick's take on self-multilation was very shallow feeling. And fake. In her interviews (and on the book's back) it stated that she took three years to interview people and write this 149 page book. This brings up the question... Had she ever done it? No.
Not that I have a problem with that, it just seems very artificial in the book...

In an interview:

Q: How much research did you do for Cut?

A: Writing Cut took three years. I started out doing a lot of research. Then, at the advice of an editor friend, I decided to put all my research material aside and let the story come, not from my notes or my books, but from my imagination. After the book was finished I visited a clinic for girls who self-injure. I was terrified that I'd gotten everything wrong. I was pleased and touched to see that my imaginary characters were surprisingly similar to the real people who shared their stories with me.

More importantly, I was gratified by the girls who read the manuscript and who told me how pleased they were that someone was interested in telling their story.

Very sweet and all....
See how this was a bad combination?
You can't turn feelings and the lack of into notes, graphs, research-- you'll get it wrong.
Gah! Sorry, but this bothered me, how she portrayed everything (as much as I remember).
At least this book (overly)simplifies things so they make sense to those who aren't too familiar in this territory.

As a character, I didn't care much for Callie, either. Not that she had much of a personality to begin with.
At the end of the story (believe me, you're not missing anything), I believe she escapes "Sick Minds" (what she nicknamed the place) to see her family. After getting tired and winding up Dunkin' Donuts, she calls her dad. They talk for a bit, a back and forth conversation.
Then he says- "So. Where we going? Home?"
And little miss Callie goes "Back to Sick Minds."
Didn't you just run from the place?
And I thought you didn't like it there... and didn't want to go back?


Kayla's remembered rating/guesstamation:

Tiddles And Bits from other people's reviews!

Terrence Ibarra (1/5) *stars 
"Creating a contrived "cutter" does nothing but harm"
I'm not sure who was involved in letting this thing out, but perhaps they should reevaluate their criteria, not to mention their careers. As for the author, if in fact she never has cut herself, I would suggest she look, in the future, towards her own experience, rather than co-opting a serious issue that afflicts so many. It is already misunderstood enough. Cutting does not need this sort of false publicity, this pseudo-understanding, this ingenuous "creativity."

A Customer (2/5)
"Superficial treatment of a deep subject"
I had expected more from this book when i bought it. After reading the summary on the back cover, i was hoping to read a serious novel that truly confronted the issue of self-injury (SI). Instead, i found the book to be lacking in depth and using SI as a gimmick to establish the lead character, Callie, in the setting of the book.    
     "Cut" is not a novel about the issue of cutting. It is a novel about a girl in an adolescent psychiatric ward. As written, the book is a very diluted version of "Girl, Interrupted," describing Callie's stay in the ward and some experiences with her therapist and with the other patients. With very little effort, this book could be rewritten as a story of a girl with an eating disorder or a substance abuse problem--the type of mental-health issue is unimportant to the plot.
     If you are looking for a story about life in a psychiatric ward, written at a middle school level, this book is perfect and very readable. If, however, you are looking for a book for older teens or adults, or for a book specifically confronting the issue of self-injury, you will likely find "Cut" very disapppointing.


Mid-Praire Teen (5/5)
"A great book on real life problems"
I'm reviewing a great book called Cut by Patricia McCormick. It is a wonderful descriptive novel about a girl named Callie who cuts herself and her father works a lot to make money so they can take care of her brother since he's sick. Her mother doesn't work and she stay's home with her brother Sam so he doesn't get sick anymore. Callie's parents send her to Sea Pines so she can get better just with a little help. Her parents can visit, and do a couple of times. She has to go to group with other people with the same problem as her or something else. Callie doesn't talk during group or even sit by the group. She sits by herself by a window not really paying attention. After group she goes to talk to a counselor to talk about things somewhat personal. To find out what else happens and what Callie decides to do you have to read the book yourself.

I thought this book was very descriptive, and really good to read. If I could rate this book between 1-10 I would rate it a 10. That's how much I liked it. I don't have the same problem as Callie, but I know people that are so it gave me some new perspectives to think about. If you like books about real life problems then you would like this book.

Woops... Who let the toddlers on the computer again?!
Good job, you summarized the book, gave it a perfect score..... but didn't give any good reasons why you could stand the thing!!
My friend Juhi suggested it to me.... but honestly- I didn't care for it. Sorry, loff. (Luna, that's a different story)
What's even more disappointing is that I had to special order it. EIGHT BUCKS. It's tiny, too... (didn't check the pages when ordering.)

On the bright side (a less sarcastic one), one less book I have to review.... a good six to go.

Until next time!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today Is Finally Tomorrow

As I promised, I'm posting before leaving for my camp trip!

Oh, and to explain my title-- I've been long awaiting these five days ahead, and it starts today (now it's 12:28 AM) ... which is the tomorrow I've been waiting for. Sleep makes it the "next day" too. Why am I making things complicated? I dunno, it amuses me.
For those following the manga series "Alice in the Country of Hearts"--
The series has been cancelled. Called off. Unfinished at suspenseful volume #4.
With no ending in sight.
How could this be done to us?! *swoons*
When I get back, I'll finish the crocheted seal that I've been working on....
Right now, it's all head and shoulders.
Haha... hah.....

I would show you the unfinished product..... but making you wait is half the fun! 'Ta'ta and see you in a week or so! *skips off*

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank You Marina!

This is my take on the whole BP Spill ordeal.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Oh Possum! (opossum)

By now, you all should know that I'm some crazy sadist. Most probably.
So feel free to shield your eyes, I don't really give a wood-chuck (:3) either way.


All that word leaves me to think is wtf. Lately I've been waking up extremely early or not falling asleep at all. So when that happens, I've got a new ritual.
Sneaking out at 6:00-6:30 and taking an hour or so to walk. This has only happened a few times (better for my sanity, anyways.)

And have seen alot of dead things.

My record so far:
2 birds
1 chick
2 eggs
2 snakes
1 mole (in my gully....)
1 frog
1 turtle


I got some really nice scenic pictures....

Who knew rush hour was also at around 6:45?! Frick, it's messed up for all these people to be up and commuting and have lives and make money at this hour.

Uh, something Kayla-like.
1. I found a dead possum by my road.
2. Felt bad for it.
3. Honored with flowers.

Who cares if they're supposedly viscous. Or unclean. Or whatnot.
Not its fault that it was born what it is. So why not treat it with a bit of care?

After: (I spent a bit picking flowers and etc. At least it was nice for a little while)

Because I know you guys totally LOVE scenics. lol.
Just shut up and look through these.

(As the morning unfurls....)

Looks like some type of legendary bird. Ho-oh? A phoenix?

And.... Most curiously- a lost key. I was really tempted to take it.
Okay. Still am.

When I got home (sorry for all the pics.... wait.... I'm apologizing....?!
You ungrateful  **** *** *** *******!!!
The reason I love those asterisks- I can just put a bunch of them out there instead of thinking or saying something otherwise meaningful. See: ******** *** *** **** *******!!!!
Yay me.)

I'll continue---- When I got home, I cracked open my Kitchen Princess manga and worked on some banana bread.
Word to the wise: make changes as needed- cause writing recipies ISN'T their job.
Why I say this?
For a little loaf of bread, the recipe called for 2 1/2 tablespoons of salt.
Being a good little direction follower, I put in the amount.... cautiously.
When my bread was done (and it turned out beautifully!) I let it cool.... and had a bite.
Guess who spat it out? Moi. Cause it was gross. And, I dunno, salty.
I think they meant teaspoons. Oopsy. Their fucking mistake.
Fatha bought more bananas.....
I'll have to try again.....

(I'm going to camp for five days with Alaina in another few days. I'll probably post in that time frame, loffs)

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Can't Understand You... But It's Okay.

Who doesn't love the "classic" coming of age book, The Giver by Lois Lowry....

(I loved my 7th grade copy so much I turned it into The Diary of Anne Frank for an 8th grade Language arts project..... Yay for recycling!)

About Jonas, a twelve year old receiving the crippling memories of the thousands of years before him through an old man touching his back.
His father's a baby killer. Literally.
Only birthmothers are allowed to get preggo, and they're used 4 or 5 times before they're trashed.
Retirement = death.
He has dreams about sponge bathing old women.
Sexual yearnings are called the stirrings, which are treated by daily pills.
Yay for coming of age?

Here's some video spoofs I found kinda entertaining... even though I had some communication problems.

I'm good. now.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Be My Avatar! (good song, too)

He's so EVIL I had to add a few extra L's. EVILLLLLLLL!!!
The Indestructible Leader Jerk of da Humanoids (kayla quote referring to his...calmness)

"I'm on fire... But it's okay."

For those who have seen the movie Avatar (which now includes moi) I hope you get what I'm talking about.
For those who haven't, you'll probably understand just as much as the first group.
Which is in the.... zero range.


Okay, not really.

D: - woah, woah... buddy. dude. not cool.
don't make me angry. you won't like me when I'm angry.

Who do you think you are, hulk? MWHAHAHA! 
I think you just got yourself pwned. :D


What, you sayin' I gotta change my freaking mood- my emoticon just cause you're throwin another one of your curve balls. I hate this job! You misuse me!! Abuse me!!!

Uh.... Don't I already do that with the rest of the people I know?


Settle down, man..... I'm not-----


Excuse me.... but that doesn't really sound that... well... malicious.


I didn't ask for your whole strategical plan, but........ alright.
That makes my world a heck of a lot easier.

>:D : BUT I...... NOOOOOO!!! .... >:( .... sniff.... see what you've done...? Now I'm just unhappy and malicious.

Sounds like a happy ending to me. *parties*

THE CONCLUSION OF ANOTHER ADVENTURE OF KAYLA: The person who's really good at making others miserable even the evil ones yet it's okay cause she's a baddie too since you already saw that one coming but you don't want to believe that cause it's so obvious and one of her worst evil-doings of evil evilness is making you read this entire run-on sentence which isn't going to end anytime soon and does this remind you of the way someone writes Alaina cough cough ricky who doesn't deserve a capital letter like a real person since he isn't one burn it's pretty hard to figure out what's going on this way which is why this is so damn evil but you'll all forgive me in time I know this since you might still be reading to figure out what the hell's going on but that's the fun of it.....  

Sooooooo..... What'dja learn?



//this was a little tidbit.... will write back soon.//

By clicking "Next Blog" I have just amused myself.
Check this out:

Also, here's the short lived blog of my friend, Brette (check the chat, she's there):

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I sent my two patterns into and guess what?
They were accepted!!!
It's been such a joy to watch my visitor counter skyrocket--
Over five hundred in little over a week.
If only I had more followers, hehe.
Must I get my mascot out again?? (brownie points if you remember!)

Today, I've been lonely, so I began to crochet and sew for my non-existent ferrets (which I would like to have again, I must admit). I wasn't sure whether using yarn was safe or not. Apparently it is.
Yay!  Have tah make stuffed animals for 'em to play with.
.....I will somehow convince them by the end of summer.

Here's what I made from Small Animal Channel. //egg//ball//
The patterns are HERE.
The egg one I've had some trouble with and had to compromise/ fix (since normal sized eggs are too big. Weird.)
And the bell bag... kinda messes with the sound.
Oh, well.

I'm hoping to make a whole mess of these- if I remember- because I want to donate them to a local shelter.
Would anyone else like to join in my quest?
Please comment if so, I would LOVE to hear!!

And the cube toy?
I made from using only a cube net, ruler, bandanna, needle, thread, non-toxic fabric glue, and fleece.

The cube net I used:


1. -My edit to the net-
Notice the flaps? Add one on every side of the net. There should now be 14 flaps instead of 7. Using a marker-permanent or non- and ruler draw the net on the wrong side of the fabric. (so it doesn't show later). Make sure each square is [  ] SQUARE. Please. If possible, use fabric that has squares.

2. Cut out.

3. Sew so (lol, so-so) that the flaps are underneath. Use common sense. Leave the last open. Do all steps if you plan on attaching the fleece. If not skip to step 6.

4. Cut 1/2 inch pieces of sturdy fleece (so your pet can't eat it- yay for intestinal blockages!- don't substitute for felt).

5. Sew them together at the tops so that one won't fall out. Then firmly sew to one of the open corners.

6. Stuff and close off.

7. (Having 14 flaps eliminates this extra step)
Since I'm terrible at needlework, I added non-toxic fabric glue to the sides so they don't unravel.

8. Have fun with your fuzzy, cat, or pet human ('cause those are the best) Mom won't let me have one :( .

WIP!!! (not RIP, ladies and.... gentle ladies...and Michael Jackson)
Working on a version that requires no glue!!! (I think I have the gist of it...)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yeah, I'm boring. Get over it.

12:53 AM,  May 30
(the parental units are making me get off.....gah! better work downstairs. Again)

I'm making a soap cover.
And not just any ordinary soap cover- a soap cover for the ones you get at hotels!
Okay, let me explain.
In New Orleans, the hotel I stayed at had these citrus mint soaps that I liked. Alot.
So every day I painstakingly collected them from the bathroom and stuffed them in my bag.
And now, here I am, with ten citrus mint scented cruddy bars of the stuff laying around.
Time to use them, Kayla style.
(dies a little inside)
Or today, June 1.

I'm not too good at needlework... I suck, really.
This was going to be a domo, but I didn't have any red felt on hand.
I'll make - and put up the super easy pattern in a bit!

You watching- you watching---??

Here we go, uber simple!!

With a 5mm/US H8

-Ch 19, combine into ring- making 20.
-Sc around until covering soap (took me 14 rows)
-Dec around.
-Dec, slip stitch around until about 4 ch remain- close.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kudos to Hippie Sandals

Alaina: 1
Kayla: 0

(this page is in some serious need of color (-colour for my UK friend who doesn't know me!-)

The hippies win this time around with some uber comfortable sandals that I've been making the past few hours.

They're just so much fun to work with!!!
Christine Andrews, the mind and workings of the blog Basketweave thought these up! (her first pattern, too).

I wanted to post on her site to tell her what a wonderful job she's done...
Alas, it won't allow me to post on her page. That's gonna bother me.

Maybe, if I wish upon some cheesey Disney movie, she'll stumble upon my blog and be all like "my gawd! you dirteh american- you've soiled 'n butchered mah work!" and slap me a bit.

I honestly hope she becomes popular in time- not because she's my new hero, but 'cause she's a LEFTY! Like me! For once, the pictures actually made sense.... Blasted righties....

Here's the link to her magical shoe-things!!
Hippie Sandals of Doom (and Comfort!)

And here's my feet, posing with these babies.

They're playing footsy.
Wait, gah! I don't need any more toes!!! O.o

Nighty night, I'll be making another pair. ^0^  <-- total hand spasm, my dearies.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hat Pincushion Power!

Nima of Made To Treasure is having this awesome Crochet Hat Pincushion Pattern Giveaway- that I just had to be a part of. For some reason, I really like deadlines (given away until May 31st, made by June 15th) That got my butt into gear, so I spent some time this week making this lovely pincushion- which I desparately needed anyways. Perfect timing to find this thing, I must say.
Everyone's hat looks completely different, too!! I love that.
Mine got the "Kayla Treatment" in which I spiced it up....well, Kayla Style.

And about her blog, wow, she's quite the talented multitasker.
As I scrolled through.... my eyes began to throb. And that began to scare me quite a bit, I can assure you.
There were quilts, netted ostrich eggs, embroidered strawberries, and hats.... lots and lots of hats.
Doing anything and everything. My kind of girl. Hehe.

Without futher wait-- here's my Kayla-fied hat pincushion!
(making weird words with my name never gets old)

Hehe. Multicolored yarn, whales and bells. I couldn't help myself.
I overstuffed it a bit, but in time, the stuffing will compress itself anyway, and I don't want a floppy pincushion.

[EDIT: I changed pictures, my first one looked a bit....bloated. It still does.
Here, it's not so bad- the yarn I chose just made the camera get a weird reaction. Blah.]

[EDIT: Third time's a charm.... I hope.]
Yeah, I realize mine's pretty lowclass compared to the others....

--If it was a plane, I would have the economic class.
Hurrah for lower rates and cruddy seats.--

I'm a youngin'- fourteen- that's my defense!!
(At least I have some kind of pitiful excuse)

[I'll update again when more people have finished theirs]
Some of the others I really liked were:

The shades of purple and white really complemented eachother. -the tie's also cute.
And the heartshaped pins..... how can you not love those?!

2. Anne's

Yet again, simple, but has this flowing quality that makes me like it so much.
Words to descibe it: calm, breeze, soft --- the opposite of the dreaded thundering going on outside my window. Sheesh!! You can stop already. (I really, really hate storms)

3. Saritha's

I didn't care for it much at first, to be honest....
After passing it up four or five times, it began to grow on me.
I'm becoming quite fond of this one, quite frankly.
I keep on getting distracted and looking at it! Oh, man... addiction.


I went a little clay crazy this week, buying all the knickknacks and doohickeys I do not need at all, whatsoever.
But, damn, they're useful! (my poor poor wallet)

-clay (30 color pack) + one regular chunk = 25 + 2
-exacto-knife, hobbylobby knockoff included were about five blades = 4
-clay extruder and 19 shapes = 11
-pasta machine = 25
Kayla's a dumbass.

But I learned something--LISTEN UP-- as long as you have enough copies, you can keep going up and using the discounts (at hobby lobby). I did this with my 40% discount. -on the clay, pasta maker, and a 15 buck organizer.
Adds up, real quickly.

I felt like doing crappy imitations of anime jewelry this weekend.....
It looks nice enough to me.
Did I fail?

The one with the design is supposed to be like Sheeta's from Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
And the moon is Hazuki's/Luna's from Moonphase.
(I said I'd do this! -one of my first posts, lol-)

I have no clue why this blew up to like 3x its original size....

Alaina, if you want a 'lil hint to your b-day, look here!
A piece of it has to do with shugo chara.** ^-^
loff ya! G'night everyone!!
**the oven killed it. SOBBBITY SOB!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pompeii Hits Tennessee

Took long enough. --.-- I had one of those HAVE TO FINISH moments, so I was up until 3:30 in the morning. That was my picture from..... 2:45.
The clock is slow.

Which means....
I have another pattern for you guys.
It's for my 6 hour hula girl goddess, Pompeii. Hehe. (I'm just slow. and detailed -for me-  lol.)
I adore her.

Kayla's How- To (any questions, email me)
(kinda confusing.... I'm sorry!!!)

Materials needed:
(I hate when I'm in the middle of a project and realize... oh. I don't have that.)

Yarn: green, desired skin tone (almond, etc.), bright island color (for the flower), light brown/ dark brown
Thread: black, white or same as skin tone
Eyes: preference. I use  (EDIT):10mm safety backing ones.
Scissors: make sure they're plenty sharp. you'll be using them alot.
Needles: have multiple types at your hands
Crochet hook (obviously): I used F5/3.75mm
Stuffing: that, and pellets to keep her upright
Patience: plenty of it.

Be familiar with the magic ring.
The norm: Slip stitch, single crochet, increase, decrease
Don't pull an almost all-nighter

All parts in the skin tone

R1: Sc 6 in magic ring (6)

R2: [Inc] around (12)

R3: [Inc, inc, sc 1] around (12)

R4: [Inc, sc 1] around (30)

R5: Sc around (30)

R6: Sc around (30)

R7: Sc around (30)

R8: Sc around (30)

R9: [Sc 13, dec] around (28)

R10: [Sc 5, dec] around (24)

R11: [Sc 4, dec] around (20)

R12: [Sc 8, dec] around (18)

R13: Sc around, sl st, sl st (18) Finish off.

Stuff now or forever hold your peace (or piece)

Arm (optional, really), 2- duuuhhh.

R1: Sc in magic ring, sl st to close round.

R2: Ch 1, sc 1 in same, sc 1, [inc, sc 1] around, sl st to close round.

R3: Ch 1, sc around, finish off.

Head (please only one :3)

Don't do R11-12 before doing hair, face, eyes.

R1: Sc 6 in magic ring, sl st to close round (6)

R2: Ch 1, sc 1 in same, [Inc] around, sl st to close round (11)

R3: Ch 1, sc 1 in same, inc, inc, sc 3, [Inc] 3 times, sc 3, sl st to close round (17)

R4: Ch 1, sc 1 in same, sc 3, inc, sc 4, inc, sc 3, inc, sc 6, sl st to close round (21)

R5: Ch 1, sc 1 in same, sc 3, inc, sc 6, inc, sc 3, inc, sc 6, sl st to close round (25)

R6: Ch 1, sc around, sl st to close round (25)

R7: Same

R8: Same

R9: Ch 1, sc 1, dec, sc 6, dec, sc 3, dec, sc 6, dec, sc 1, sl st to close round (21)

R10: Ch1, dec, sc 4, dec, sc 3, dec, sc 4, dec, sc 2, sl st to close round (17)

R11: Sc 4, [Dec] 3 times, sc 3, [dec] twice, sl st to close round (12)

R12: [Dec] around to close (6). Finish off.
Light brown
Coconut Bra

-leave extra string when beginning and ending-
Sc 6 in a magic ring. End.
Sc 6 in a magic ring again. End.
(wait until "Putting it all together")

Putting it all Together

Addressing the hair:
There's multiple ways to do this, whichever you're most comfortable with.
For a more full-headed look, I threaded a piece of yarn through each sc- framing the face to the back.
(took a while, but totally worth it)

Hula Skirt:
Thread green pieces of yarn along one row.
To make it twice as thick, I did something like (#'s represent the yarn) 1/1(5)2/2(5)3/3(6)4/4(6)
Less confusing(sorry!): thread between the sc, then between those. -you're just connecting and filling empty spaces.

To give her a less....cylindrical figure, I threaded a green piece through every 4 or so sc's, pulling it semitight.

Tightly braid 3 strings for the belt.
(in the picture, I moved the belt up to show the other features.)

Coconut Bra
Thread the yarn through the opposite side on both ends to connect the two pieces.

Put it so that the beg. and end. pieces of yarn are both facing the outside.
Before putting arms on, tie to size your doll. I then sewed it on where the two pieces connect.
The string around her body is kept in place by strategically sewing on the arms.

Sew arms to body.
Sew head to body.

And Last: The Flower:
The islandy colors comes in, here.
Do however you'd like! I did something weird!!
1. (more yarn = harder to make, but more petals) tie the string's end, so it's a circle.
2. Half the circle, making two smaller ones.(have them so they overlap) Do that until you have preferred size/ something you can easily work with.
3. Using black thread, tie around the middle a few times (vertically, dividing circle) - tightly
4. Repeat horizonally, so there's 4 sides. tightly.
5. (optional) To make the black stamen things-- sew-- tight on one side, 3 or so mm room on the other. Up down, up, down. Finish off. Cut them so they're separate pieces, trim, ect to liking.


(hopefully tonight I can get some clay materials at hobby lobby...
I want to do some anime stuffs with it....)

any comments, put them below (just click -# comments)