Friday, May 28, 2010

Hat Pincushion Power!

Nima of Made To Treasure is having this awesome Crochet Hat Pincushion Pattern Giveaway- that I just had to be a part of. For some reason, I really like deadlines (given away until May 31st, made by June 15th) That got my butt into gear, so I spent some time this week making this lovely pincushion- which I desparately needed anyways. Perfect timing to find this thing, I must say.
Everyone's hat looks completely different, too!! I love that.
Mine got the "Kayla Treatment" in which I spiced it up....well, Kayla Style.

And about her blog, wow, she's quite the talented multitasker.
As I scrolled through.... my eyes began to throb. And that began to scare me quite a bit, I can assure you.
There were quilts, netted ostrich eggs, embroidered strawberries, and hats.... lots and lots of hats.
Doing anything and everything. My kind of girl. Hehe.

Without futher wait-- here's my Kayla-fied hat pincushion!
(making weird words with my name never gets old)

Hehe. Multicolored yarn, whales and bells. I couldn't help myself.
I overstuffed it a bit, but in time, the stuffing will compress itself anyway, and I don't want a floppy pincushion.

[EDIT: I changed pictures, my first one looked a bit....bloated. It still does.
Here, it's not so bad- the yarn I chose just made the camera get a weird reaction. Blah.]

[EDIT: Third time's a charm.... I hope.]
Yeah, I realize mine's pretty lowclass compared to the others....

--If it was a plane, I would have the economic class.
Hurrah for lower rates and cruddy seats.--

I'm a youngin'- fourteen- that's my defense!!
(At least I have some kind of pitiful excuse)

[I'll update again when more people have finished theirs]
Some of the others I really liked were:

The shades of purple and white really complemented eachother. -the tie's also cute.
And the heartshaped pins..... how can you not love those?!

2. Anne's

Yet again, simple, but has this flowing quality that makes me like it so much.
Words to descibe it: calm, breeze, soft --- the opposite of the dreaded thundering going on outside my window. Sheesh!! You can stop already. (I really, really hate storms)

3. Saritha's

I didn't care for it much at first, to be honest....
After passing it up four or five times, it began to grow on me.
I'm becoming quite fond of this one, quite frankly.
I keep on getting distracted and looking at it! Oh, man... addiction.


  1. lovely it's my kind of colour too...i love it..with pretty ribbon and cute charms...thank Kayla for taking time to work with my pattern.

  2. Thank you, that you love my pincushion so much to blog about it. It was very fun making it. And I made another one, but slightly changed the pattern for that. And want to makes lots more.
    I adore the colour of yours. For me it symbolizes the summer, with the sea and sunshine. Do I see it right that the colours changes???

  3. Same, I also want to make a massive amount of these things, even if they do make me feel a bit old. Lol. (so many things to make!!)
    Yes, the colors DO change (your eyes aren't spazzing out, that's just me)
    I'm happy that you approve of mine, too. Hope to hear from you soon!!

  4. Thanks Kayla..Glad to know you liked my pincushion and loved what you wrote about it:)
    And yours is great too..As the others have said, I really really like the different shades of blue in the thread you used..And your crocheting is so neat..Such good finish..