Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kudos to Hippie Sandals

Alaina: 1
Kayla: 0

(this page is in some serious need of color (-colour for my UK friend who doesn't know me!-)

The hippies win this time around with some uber comfortable sandals that I've been making the past few hours.

They're just so much fun to work with!!!
Christine Andrews, the mind and workings of the blog Basketweave thought these up! (her first pattern, too).

I wanted to post on her site to tell her what a wonderful job she's done...
Alas, it won't allow me to post on her page. That's gonna bother me.

Maybe, if I wish upon some cheesey Disney movie, she'll stumble upon my blog and be all like "my gawd! you dirteh american- you've soiled 'n butchered mah work!" and slap me a bit.

I honestly hope she becomes popular in time- not because she's my new hero, but 'cause she's a LEFTY! Like me! For once, the pictures actually made sense.... Blasted righties....

Here's the link to her magical shoe-things!!
Hippie Sandals of Doom (and Comfort!)

And here's my feet, posing with these babies.

They're playing footsy.
Wait, gah! I don't need any more toes!!! O.o

Nighty night, I'll be making another pair. ^0^  <-- total hand spasm, my dearies.

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