Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yeah, I'm boring. Get over it.

12:53 AM,  May 30
(the parental units are making me get off.....gah! better work downstairs. Again)

I'm making a soap cover.
And not just any ordinary soap cover- a soap cover for the ones you get at hotels!
Okay, let me explain.
In New Orleans, the hotel I stayed at had these citrus mint soaps that I liked. Alot.
So every day I painstakingly collected them from the bathroom and stuffed them in my bag.
And now, here I am, with ten citrus mint scented cruddy bars of the stuff laying around.
Time to use them, Kayla style.
(dies a little inside)
Or today, June 1.

I'm not too good at needlework... I suck, really.
This was going to be a domo, but I didn't have any red felt on hand.
I'll make - and put up the super easy pattern in a bit!

You watching- you watching---??

Here we go, uber simple!!

With a 5mm/US H8

-Ch 19, combine into ring- making 20.
-Sc around until covering soap (took me 14 rows)
-Dec around.
-Dec, slip stitch around until about 4 ch remain- close.


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