Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Houstan, We Have a Problem

If you've watched the news lately, you've heard of the massive flooding in the Tennessee and Kentucky area.
Guess what?
I live in the Tennessee area!
They said that the worst flooding is in Nashville.
I live by Nashville!

Seeing things in the news and actually living there is so different.
Suddenly, you realize-- I've been there.
Oh, it shouldn't look like that.... It's supposed to be....
It's truly terrifying.
So far, we've broken a rain count record for the month.
It's the third.

JUST IN: [10:10 PM May 3, 2010]
The death count is raising.
As of now, it's 13.
(One of them was Randy's girlfriend's -Sam- friend.)

My county is under a "boil water" alert.

AS OF NOW: [11:30 PM May 6, 2010]
The death count has risen to 31.
How much more will there be in the days to come?

My friends have told me:
My great-uncles and aunts neighborhood is really flooded and they haven't been heard from since noon.
they're really old and everything, they're not answering their cells.

i was driving by the Y and the parking lot was COMPLETELY FLOODED. as in, there were 7 cars. the water was up to the top of the doors on all of the carsss

Almost every road down here is closed. 5 dead. More to come most likely. My basement is flooded. School will most likely b closed. Harpeth is flooded over and Cumb. is still yet to come. And u? This will go on all day.

gah i hate the flooding. people were in their boat on my grandmas lawn. she's here still

my house got seriously flooded- like its not even funny. my entire basement is underwater and its like up to my waste. my neighbors found it rather amusing seeing me scream like tarzan running out of my house with my computer in my arms towards my car. screw them neighbors.

And here's me, entering with my abundant sarcasm and happiness:

"The flooded things amuse me... I do hope it rains more actually... Cause Im sadistic and the neighbors that I really don't like are merely 10ft away from having their house hit by a bit o water (on 2 almost 3 sides hahahaah)"
"And the water's fun to play in"
"Shit, I'm serious.

I made a message in the bottle that was all like

"Hows the weather? It's sooo beautiful here today. Not a cloud in sight. It's so hot and dry."

My dad did:
"We're trapped on an island. Help us."
And put a little money in it.
Here's some pics of the destruction.
BTW- my gully is screwed up.
That is not just a road, that's a field overflowing with water and a sheet of it cascading over the pavement. My brother has a tahoe- and he wasn't going to risk it in that. That bad.
(this is like... 1/2 mile from my house)

Right here, the water's about two feet higher than it should be.
And it should be bone-dry.
This is another road.

Another road.
In the background are little kids waist deep in a current of (probably) contaminated water.
I'm guessing this is a good three to four feet deep.

Parenting fail?

I just like how the one below turned out. I didn't edit any of these, so it is how it is.
How do you like it?
Oh, yeah....
That pond, there....
Was a field.

I find this all so crazy. These were taken May 2-- now, everything is much better.... UP HERE.
Nashville is screwed.
Today, I played in the mud....
Cause school was canceled and tomorrow, it's two hours late.
And I went around the neighborhood, checking stuff out.
Now I'm sunburned.
Great. Thanks, reclusive tendencies.

Here's another "flattering" picture of me.
Love my lips. HAHAHA.

I look naturally retarded-- as you can see. That's why, when I take pictures of myself, there's at least three of each desired pose.
Guess what, I took three of this one.
This was numbah two.

And like I said, I played in the gully. All the rain washed away our rocks and dirt leaving clay!~
=^_^= I made a kitty!!! (typical of kayla, you guys)
I'm really bad with clay of any type + my lack of crafting ability + not being able to make any type of animal = this.

All that failure actually made something that doesn't look too bad.
Kinda like that "three lefts make a right" thing.

I think I may have cat obsession....
Clay cat.

Crocheted cat/ lion.

For Halloween, a Cat-o-lantern.

(with my Jonas brothers parody in the background.
If you want to see it, comment saying so)

And best of all, my own cat, Luna!
Sorry, I just had to incorporate her in here SOMEWHERE.

I know there's been alot of pictures....
I kinda apologize. Ish.

I made this in school on Friday when I should've been taking notes. Baha. Notes.
Kayla likes ribbons. Kayla likes ribbons very much.
Ugh, I've never been able to draw, really.
But at least it's not a stick figure- that's my defense.

 And last.....
Ghost orbs.
I was taking pictures outside.... and I found a few of these little guys.
I'm not sure whether they scare or comfort me.
(First, this rad pic of my 'hood)

I really like the contrast between the background and the sky.
The black against color phase is why the 20 or so minutes of dusk are the best part of the day.
Yeah, I'm setting this as my background.
I'm setting Mrs. Dangerously Semi-Naked girl as my background for now.

Oh, here are the orb pics.
No disagreeing, I'm pretty sure these are the real thing.
I'll try again tomorrow.
(look hard,-click to make bigger- there's plenty)


Procrastinator-chan (the kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)


  1. BOOBS! sorry that picture of you just shows your boobs. just saying. And yeah, my great aunt and uncle are fine, thank goodness. :)

  2. I have boobies.
    Good job lauren. :3

  3. ghost orbs... i think they're lens flares. or water vapor on the lens. if that comforts you at all.

  4. Not at all. I love and embrace the orbs I believe that are in my yard. They could be those things, but it's not the first time it's happened-- I swear my house is haunted with all that crap that's happened. Alot.
    So for now- and forever- they'll always be my lovely orbs. And I wrote a poem about them, too, so I don't want that to be screwed over. :DD Thanks, though. And thank you veryyyyyy much for reading. And commenting. Thank youuu!

  5. you spelled houston wrong

  6. you spelled houston wrong