Monday, April 26, 2010

Llamas with Hats

I have no life.
I just hope you all know that
I'm having trouble embedding videos....(first timer here!)
Here's if it doesn't work: Killer Llamas....WEARING HATS

And the ferret one: Ferrets.... so harmless.

See... I'm not the only one who chops off hands!!! (reference to earlier post)

My god.... there's a second one.

I've never seen these before... so... let me be happy for a short moment!!



I added a chat box for you guys! (do I get any thanks?)
It's so you can connect and talk-- without having to do pesky things like signing in.

Oh, and be sure to use only one user name, please!

I am not dishing out two bucks a month so I can be a mod.
Oh... I'm obviously Kayla. lol.

Curse and talk and comment and do whatever you want.
Have fun!


This Post Does Not Count As A Post?

I would like some more followers...
Really bad.
Can anyone fix that for me?

Oh, and I also want these....
Really really bad.
They take "squishy implants" to a new level....

Those better be tropical fish.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reclusive Recluse

Lately, I've had no social life....

Voice: You've never had a social life!

Shut up! Who asked you?

Voice: I'm your mind, I don't need to be asked.
Gah! Ew, and just mentioning--can you clean the cobwebs up here? And...... And....
And something smells like dead rat....

About that........

So.... like I said, no social life the past few weeks which = me reading much more.
Which then = me being lazy. And I'm pretty lazy to begin with.
Which ultimately = the fact that I'm becoming a recluse.

[n. rek-loos, ri-kloos; adj. ri-kloos, rek-loos]

1.a person who lives in seclusion or apart from society, often for religious meditation.

Awww, shiz.

Here are my pictures (cause I know you all love examples!!)

Well, if he was bit by a recluse.
And if he was asian....
And.... nevermind. Use your lovely imagination.
(the stuff that appearantly romps, yes, romps around Tennessee and my neighborhood. Woo....
The person next door was bit by one.... and it seems to really, really suck. Haha.... hah... I hate spiders)

And then there's me!
Pretty similar to both of them, holed up in a dark corner, reading a book.

Then there's my mom.
As always, she's chastising me about reading in the dark- ruining the mood via lights. Post bursting into my room.
Like seriously, if I want lights on, I'll turn them on.
I'm not gonig to be all like:

"It's so dark..... so very dark.... I can barely read.... is that clap or crap.... so confused....
God, I'm so miserable! This is terrible.... the lights aren't on.... oh, my....."

Okay... maybe.
I might actually be like that.

I'll do another book review for you guys cause I'm caring and all.... *snickers*

Kiss & Blog  by Alyson Noel

Usually, I'm not into the whole "realistic fiction" fad. If I want realistic fiction, I'll write some type of autobiography (blogging...?) and call it a day. Or call it my life. My very pitiful life.

But then I saw that it was by Mrs. Noel (the writer of the highly addictive The Immortals series. Evermore, Blue Moon, etc.) and thought, why not- I'll give it a chance. I've liked a couple books of this kind.... just not something blatantly called Kiss & Blog. But because I'm not judgemental (hehe), I picked it up and began reading during the only time I knew I would read it unforcibly- during the empty minutes of TCAP.

The beginning sucked.
Except I did like the part where Cash Davis, the jerk of the school who the main character Winter is crushing on, said something abrupt....

"Oh, man, you're that chick who spilled that purple shit all over the place yesterday." Then he shakes his shiny, beach-bleached hair, and narrows his Pacific blue eyes in disdain. "You're a fuckin' hazard, bro." (19)

How can you not LOL? And because of Avery (the gay horse joke), every time one of the people said "Heyyy", I couldn't help but mess it up. And that was alot.
(I'll edit the hey every time....= adding appropriate letters)
Try it out, you're guaranteed* to at least smile once.
* Smiling is by no means guaranteed by Kayla, Kayla Kulture, or anything in association with Kayla or Kayla Kulture.

And then, as if that wan't enough, she continued to look me in the eye as she opened her frosty pink mouth to say, "Heyyyyy." (160)

"Heyyyyy," they say all together now, scrutinizing my entire outfit, and smiling in a way that could never, under any circumstances, be considered sincere. (185)

"Heyyyyy," he whispers, leaning back and smiling. (215)

"Oh, heyyyyy," I say, stopping just shy of the door, wondering what they could possibly want. (217)

"Heyyyyy," I say, gazing from him to the still wet walls. "Is my mom around?" (207) 
"Of course. I just got finished with her, Winter. You next?" He replies, wrenching his zipper down with a quick flick of his wrist that seemed so smooth and seemless, he must have practiced it.

Okay, I added that part, but see how awkward that joke made every phrase?! LAWL!

In a nutshell, here's the book:
  Long time best friends Winter and Sloane [slow-an + a country drawl] want to be popular. That's all they care about. Are obsessed about. All summer they make careful preparations-- "correct popular responses" notecards, buying all the latest fads, a cheer so they can try out for cheerleading, a matching set of Victoria's Secret PINK pj's for pajama day (for the cheerleaders at their school), and a "popular" personality.
One that only Sloane has seemed to perfect. The popular group immediately accepts her into their bosom (hehe)..... with the exception of Winter. They said they'd do it together- if one made it, she was supposed to open the doors of popularity to the other. Except.... that didn't happen.
Sloane secures her cheerleading position by stealing Winter's cheer. (they were supposed to be a team)
She gets the guy, mista Cash.
Has the friends.
The popularity.
While Winter's left with the sour taste of betrayal. (And lemons! They're sour, too!)

To get revenge, she begins a blog titled The Gospel of Eleanor Rigby, exposing all of her friend's darkest secrets-- nicknamed P.P. (pee pee) for Princess Pink. 
Like number 11.
11. If asked, P.P. will pretend that she never, ever, not even once, cried herself asleep because the only thing she wanted in the whole world was to meet Britany Spears. But don't you believe her.

Which leavses me wondering.....
With hair or without?

Her blog suddenly becomes very popular with the students of Ocean High, exposing the socially mutilating secrets of Pee Pee to the world......

And things go on from there.

But don't'cha worry, there's romance in this book- I usually don't like books without romance (which is why I'm iffy about The Den of Shadows Quartet by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Wait til I review it before even THINKING of picking it up. uck)

All and all, this book wasn't so bad. It was actually pretty good.
If you don't like the beginning, don't get discouraged!

Kayla's Rating: 8.5/10
It was actually a pretty good book, except it was hard for me to get into the whole "popularity is my life" thing. Toward the middle, I was actually finishing it up out of choice (so I read the 227 pages in one day).

I usually don't have much time for reading.....
Except since I've become a recluse.
About that, at least I know which cult to join...
I'm really curious about this picture I found while looking up "recluse"-"spider".
Anyone care to join?

By the way, I'm sooooo proud of my cat for starting this thing (her name's Luna, so this is obviously hers. I'd follow her anyday. Except to the litterbox. Except that.... evil microbes....)

Nighty night my faithful few...

The few, the proud**, the Kayla Kulture readers.

thank[most of]you.

the cat that kinda freaks kayla out by its sharp teeth.
Nail file anyone???
**proud does not include the meh'er who continues to piss me off and is probably getting their natural high from all of this attention.


Yeah, meh you, too.
For the person who insists on "meh"ing almost every post, shut the f*ck up.
*insert smiley face*
Do I see you blogging? No. I don't.
If you put MEH every single time, WHY ARE YOU EVEN READING?!?
Not that I HAVE A PROBLEM with people's opinions- it's just like SERIOUSLY!!
Get your meh's out somewhere else!!

Had sex? Say freaking MEH.
Forgot a condom? MEH.
Failed a test. MEH.
Passed a test. MEH.
Got pulled over. MEH.
Became cannibalistic. MEH.
Found out your bra is a AAA. MEH.
Ate a bucket of icecream in your sorrows. MEH.

Just don't bring your MEHs into my blog, ya hear?!
*paces around argrily*
And I SWEAR, if you MEH this post, too-- it won't be that fuuny 'cause:

And I really don't like you-- if you mix up the letters, adding one, you get METH.
METH is bad, therefore MEH is bad. GET IT?!

The night owl,
angreh meh-chan.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Avery Strikes Once Again

I have another joke for you guys!!  (provided by avery)
It helps if you say it aloud, though.
heh. heh. (I never mean any harm...usually.. I just like to laugh. Alot.)
Now, I present to you in extra large bold:
my joke of the I remembered this thing before I went to bed for once, yay!((Anybody like the colors for today's post??))

What do gay horses eat?


(I had it all decked out it rainbow, but it died. :(

Oh, and I found this AMAZING unicorn that somebody crocheted JUST for my entertainment..... right? RIGHT??!
Nah, but it is freaking awesome. Like, awesome awesome.
Like, daaaaaa-ng, I wanna be just like them.
Feast your eyes below.
Below this warble,
This, too.

Aw, come on. How can you NOT like this? A fuzzy wuzzy crocheted unicorn is impaling a teddy bear with its itsy bitsy unicorn horn of doom....happiness and serenity. Then, there's this totally fuzzy red colored happiness juice oozing from the spot where the pretty pony is tickling the bear. Sooooooo cute, loike riete? (say it all weird with me)
        I hope you can tell that I was seriously milking that. My actually reaction is: the story of my life, man.

the tcap hating loser who's stuck doing questions like:
Which is the correct form of the missing word?

Learning grammar is the __________ thing to people who have no lives. (which is surprisingly not me. Who knew!)
a. more importanter
b. most important

c. importanterest
d. most importanter

like seriously, by the first added part to the word, you have got to have realized something was up. *coughs* Important-er-est. And if you're one of those fools who missed the answer(which was most obviously b.) go 2 skool fo sum uv dat bok lernin'.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mmm.... Nailpolish.

The thing that makes your food taste weird (if you eat with your fingers).
The thing that tastes really bad to begin with.
The thing that "mysteriously spills" on the carpet into a cement stain.
The thing that really sucks to use if you're not ambidextrous.
And last, the thing that smells almost as toxic bad/good as a sharpie.

And no.
This is not a toilet.

It's nailpolish!!
And I think that I found a brand that I actually like.
Huzzah! >and to any guy readers, you know you want to<

It's expensive, so I could only get two pens of it. Yes, pens.
Ever been to walgreens or some other random minute store. (if no, shake head anyways)
Voice: or in english, a drugstore.
Then you've probably seen the weird stands of nailpolish and the one with the broom looking goatee on it.
That's my precious.
The brand is---
Sally Hansen's:
Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen.
That's a mouthful.

These aren't my hands, but I hope you get my point.
And no, I did not cut these off for my collection, either...
And no, I... don't..... have... a .. hand coll----
*shoots a gun*
All better.

Not that that little disagreement is taken care of, here's the one I got.
(appearantly new, or nouveaute!) Turquoise Chrome. Oooh, exotic.

The other is a nail art pen by the same brand.
Guess what color?!
Woops, I was on both italics and bold lock.

Heh. I'm so easily entertained.
caps lock off
Kay, I'm done.


Yet Another Death Threat

There;s a time when threats like these begin to get old.
I mean, people are out to get me almost every day.
Shiz, I don't know a single person out there who wouldn't party on my grave.
Yeah, I hear you talking mother.....

But anyways, onto the recent threat- if you value anything- yes, including money, sex, cats, and beer- read this song written by my friend.
And comment.
Okay? Comment, comment, comment!!
Oh. And follow me. Pweaze?

i really, really like this. SO SHOW SOME RESPECT, FOOS!!
Here we go:

Tonight's Lullaby - by Brette-chan

the world is black, the world is white

the world is all we need tonight
they all wait with baited breath for what they do not understand
a glass of wine, or something blue? all i need is up to you
sun and moon shine as one
the sky is all we need tonight
stars glow so merriely, go on for eternty
fifty-nine piano keys, one for you and one for me
we are both coverd in dew
dawn is all we need tonight
grass wont let us touch the ground, metal floor cannot be found
you point out the Milky Way
twilight is all we need tonight
paper crane, a white rose. steel flowers i dont know
church bells toll, i need to know
are you all i need tonight?
seven chimes for a maid, as i see you drift away

Oh, and I like this song shared to me by mah friend.
Strange & Beautiful (3:30) by Aqualung
(and no, I'm not just using this blog as a post-it note cause I'm too lazy to get one myself.... nooo....)

the thoughtful but airheaded,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Noob Powers Are Tingling Once Again

I was listening to a song by Creed....
And I kinda misinterpreted some of the lyrics.

"Wool. Oh, wool.
The only way is wool.

Wool. Oh, wool.
The only way is wool.

I feel angry. I feel helpless.
Wanna change the world, yeah.
I feel vile lint. I feel aloe.
Don't try to change my mind, no.

Society blinded by color why,
I hold out wool to reason over
Discimination, I want both sides
Seeds of hate
Well I suck vernor!"

The song's called "One". Here are the real lyrics, lol.

"One, oh one,
The only way is one

One, oh one,
The only way is one

I feel angry I feel helpless
Want to change the world
I feel violent I feel alone
Don't try and change my mind

Society blind by color
Why hold down one to raise another
Discrimination now on both sides
Seeds of hate blossom further."

Well. I was close.

Just listen to it yourself!! XDDD
Good night everyone!
(concert AGAIN tomorrow at rocketown. Nevershoutnever!)

Someone who isn't kayla

New Stuff = Happiness

Okay, just wanting to ask-- do you guys (readers, *cough*) prefer more frequent but shorter posts, rarer mega-posts, or are neutral either way?
Tell me so that I can better serve YOU! (haha.... ha...)
No. I am not your personal slave.
Yet. Depends if you can make sushi and entertain me- I feat few can accomplish.
Not really. Just hand me a piece of twine.
Adorable, yes?
Yeah.... that's not me. Remember that mutant from a few posts ago? Mm, hm, now that's me.

Okay, I REAAAALLY need to stop my hand spasms. I pushed some weird button on my key board [BUTTERFINGERS] ... >sho tasteh<  and it made my screen FILL with the site I had up. Which was this one. And that freaked me out, so I pressed random keys on the board in kayla confusion. My loffs, I almost lost all of this beautiful work. This.... this masterpiece. This.....
Blasphemy, really.

And these are ones I've actually finished!!!

Voice: Good job. I clap for you.

Me: Are you... Are you serious?!

Voice: Haha. No.

Me: You were just yanking my chain!

Voice: Yanking.... your what?

Me: My chain. You're yanking it.

Voice: Oh. Be that way.

Me: It's okay, voicey. My fatherly figure (WowLaurenWow, thanks for the ref.) thought I didn't know what that meant.

Voice: Me either, what with your IQ score and all----

Me: I thought... I told you never to speak of that again...

Voice: *whispers* gooooose........eeeeeegg.......
Here are da books (skip as you please):
The Vampire Diaries
If I Should Die Before I Wake
I'll start at the bottom.

Being of Polish decent, I find fiction books on the holocaust extremely interesting.
If I Should Die Before I Wake by  Han Nolan is an example of a book like that. Also entertaining because I read it on the nine hour car ride to New Orleans.
In a nutshell.... (don't worry, no spoilers. I'm just cruel like that you lazy peoplez)
Enter Hilary, a sixteen year old neo-nazi living in the subburbs.
Well, before she was in a motorcycle accident that practically killed her.
Practically. While Hilary's body battles against the odds in a Jewish hospital (Irrrrony) not far from her wreck, her mind is far away in Poland.
There, she is no longer herself- she's Chana.
The Jew.
I give this booook.... 8/10 or 9/10.
The ending was a bit odd, but it was truly a touching story. *dabs at eyes*
If you're not into this sort of novel, you may be a bit bored-- though I found it engaging.
Still, the ending was weird. O.O
Book Three of The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love L.J. Smith's fantasy books- especially her Night World series which is by far one of my favorites!
This book was just downright disappointing.
Books one and two were phenomenal pageturners that I couldn't put down.
No, really. I blame the superglue.
And about the t.v. show- I've heard it's great, although the first episode was a major turnoff.
Like seriously, ELENA'S HAIR IS BLOND!!! Throughout the entire series, they mention "halo of golden hair" "blond" "angelic blond" "yellow wheat" .... those aren't the exact ones--- but you get my point. They mention it. Alot. I like my minor details.
And the other cast is pretty dang (f-bombsss awaayyy) - up.
Stephan is...... somehow unattractive. Kinda ape-ish.
And Damon. Well, he's an exception. They didn't portray him too terribly. Reminds me of the fawn dude in Narnia.

Okay, onto the story.
There's vampires. Yes, I get that.
What I don't get is why they randomly added a slew of kitsune-(japanese shapeshifting fox demon/spirits/ creatures. For reference- Nine-tails, the Pokemon. More tails = more power.)
I like japanese folklore, yes.
When it enters my beloved vampire books unsuccessfully and randomly- not so much. Especially when it alters the story.
The first bit of the third book was wonderful. The rest? Not so much.
Rating: Around 5.5/10. It was one of those WTF kind of books.
Soon to come:
Willow by Julia Hoban
Unwind by Neal Shusterman
(a continuation of) Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Oh, and if you get the chance to:
Listen to Mum.
No, not your mother, although she might like that from time to time.
The Band/ group/ person. I don't know- Alaina gave me the tracks.
Try the album- "Finally We Are No One"
I love it!
Your closet buddy,

Sunday, April 11, 2010


A good friend once told me,
"I'm gonna do a boy." *Insert Kayla's laughter*
"Quiz." -Olivia

We got a whole bag of popcorn 'cause the man at the stand liked how we posed for a picture....heh..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Un-Winter Worries

I'm beginning to get twitchy, mah loffs.
I started with about five readers and a few random visitors to my bloggity blog.
Started with.
Instead of increasing or staying the same....
I'm down to me, myself, and some person who isn't commenting!
Do you want me to stop?
You sicken me.
If NOT, leave a comment or/and respond to the poll so I know how many people are tuning in. (totally anonymous)
I have this AMAZING trip to New Orleans that I wish to share with you guys!
Here's the catch:
Only if I get 6 poll replies (we're at 2) or 5 comments from 5 different people!
Please show me you care!!!
And now for the featured presentation!
Enter the world of Sam and Grace.
Human and wereworlf.
Warm and cold.
Summer and winter.
All it takes
Is a shiver.

Okay, okay, away with the sales pitch yee maties! My pirate's a little rusty. Just like my hook. Ar, ar, arr!!

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater isn't the average wolf story- So you're safe whether or not you put up with the Twilight Saga.
I'm about a third through this book- and I adore it. (If anyone's familiar with The Book, then you'll get the layout of this story done in dual perspectives.) Other reviewers said around 1/2 this book is filler, but it's all interesting, fitting together piece by piece. I don't want to reveal too much about this book- excepta few factors that determine everything.
Temperature. And a bond.
On the book, it said somethnig about how they would save each other. I'm awaiting how. There's even a second book out!!
I'm totally psyked (shut up! I'm too lazy to check myself!!!) to see how everything's going to play out.
Because it's Sam's last year.
Just In: (7:45 pm)
Katherine, my perverted and lovable book sleuth, said that she read the book at the beginning of the school year.
And it was a flop.
Good. Getting better. Then downhill.
What a disappointment, my dearies.

But don't you worry your pretty little heads-- I'll find out on my own and finish my book review.

Oh, yeah, I finished the TAIL of my scarf.
God, this is going to take FOREEEEEEEVER!!
Tomorrow, (4/11), I'm going to another Rocketown concert!!! (last one I went to was Killswitch engage, The Devil Wears Prada, and some swedish band that was somethin Darkness.)
I'm going for another band my brother introduced me to--- ARTIST VS. POET!!
The lineup is in no particular order here:
Artist vs. Poet
The Maine--- //I like their lyric: Well, I'll state something rash/ she had the most amazing/ smile/ I bet you didn't expect that// lolA! (Into Your Arms)
We the Kings
Stereo Skyline
And I think that's it!

Like I said, soooo excited! WHAT A WEEK!
Remember--- REPLY REPLY!!

The Always anxious Kayla-chan

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Okay, these things REALLY make me wonder.
Because.... they're like so damn hard to figure out.

Little kid: Mommy, why is E.T. laying on our living room floor?



*complete silence*
I'm not even worth crickets, am I?
voice: No.


voice: Uh, huhh....

Sorreh, no one's talked to me today, so I'm getting a little... crazy.
Voice: A LITTLE?!


Voice: *coughs*

Me: You're going to be doing more than that once I'm done with you!!!
Voice: Your mom. Heh....

Me: Oh, god..... O.O eeeewww....

Here's my mom- if you need a reference picture.
See-- this is why I would like to become a photographer:
I find the best in everyone.
I'm trying to catch up on some manga reading, but alas, my parents are cruel, leaving me to sleep downstairs so the dumb dog doesn't whine. Ugh.
Here's the one I've finished so far (they only have 1-25) SOOOB!! TT~TT

Faster Than A Kiss

It's such an adorable series. Hehe, hot glasses dude. Why aren't there ever hot glasses GIRLS?!
Are they trying to tell me something?! Hahahaha.... Nah, I'm already aware of my status.


Oh, and if you need help--- It's the first one.
Mah dears, mah dears--- I'm unsure when I'll write next.
It's spring break--- and I'll be heading to New Orleans for five days!
Kayla's pronouciation time!
(Knew-- Or-leens. Not Lens, kiddies.)
Lol. Just like good 'ol  Arkansas.
(Are-can-saw) (Ark-in-slaw)
Both seem interesting enough to me.

Dog's crying up a storm....

With loff,
the girl with the sloth backpack named athena (a kayla who'll explain things later)