Saturday, April 10, 2010

Un-Winter Worries

I'm beginning to get twitchy, mah loffs.
I started with about five readers and a few random visitors to my bloggity blog.
Started with.
Instead of increasing or staying the same....
I'm down to me, myself, and some person who isn't commenting!
Do you want me to stop?
You sicken me.
If NOT, leave a comment or/and respond to the poll so I know how many people are tuning in. (totally anonymous)
I have this AMAZING trip to New Orleans that I wish to share with you guys!
Here's the catch:
Only if I get 6 poll replies (we're at 2) or 5 comments from 5 different people!
Please show me you care!!!
And now for the featured presentation!
Enter the world of Sam and Grace.
Human and wereworlf.
Warm and cold.
Summer and winter.
All it takes
Is a shiver.

Okay, okay, away with the sales pitch yee maties! My pirate's a little rusty. Just like my hook. Ar, ar, arr!!

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater isn't the average wolf story- So you're safe whether or not you put up with the Twilight Saga.
I'm about a third through this book- and I adore it. (If anyone's familiar with The Book, then you'll get the layout of this story done in dual perspectives.) Other reviewers said around 1/2 this book is filler, but it's all interesting, fitting together piece by piece. I don't want to reveal too much about this book- excepta few factors that determine everything.
Temperature. And a bond.
On the book, it said somethnig about how they would save each other. I'm awaiting how. There's even a second book out!!
I'm totally psyked (shut up! I'm too lazy to check myself!!!) to see how everything's going to play out.
Because it's Sam's last year.
Just In: (7:45 pm)
Katherine, my perverted and lovable book sleuth, said that she read the book at the beginning of the school year.
And it was a flop.
Good. Getting better. Then downhill.
What a disappointment, my dearies.

But don't you worry your pretty little heads-- I'll find out on my own and finish my book review.

Oh, yeah, I finished the TAIL of my scarf.
God, this is going to take FOREEEEEEEVER!!
Tomorrow, (4/11), I'm going to another Rocketown concert!!! (last one I went to was Killswitch engage, The Devil Wears Prada, and some swedish band that was somethin Darkness.)
I'm going for another band my brother introduced me to--- ARTIST VS. POET!!
The lineup is in no particular order here:
Artist vs. Poet
The Maine--- //I like their lyric: Well, I'll state something rash/ she had the most amazing/ smile/ I bet you didn't expect that// lolA! (Into Your Arms)
We the Kings
Stereo Skyline
And I think that's it!

Like I said, soooo excited! WHAT A WEEK!
Remember--- REPLY REPLY!!

The Always anxious Kayla-chan


  1. dont stop bloging i going to cry if you do!!!

  2. cool i will so read shiver

  3. sounds like oliviaaaa o.0