Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yet Another Death Threat

There;s a time when threats like these begin to get old.
I mean, people are out to get me almost every day.
Shiz, I don't know a single person out there who wouldn't party on my grave.
Yeah, I hear you talking mother.....

But anyways, onto the recent threat- if you value anything- yes, including money, sex, cats, and beer- read this song written by my friend.
And comment.
Okay? Comment, comment, comment!!
Oh. And follow me. Pweaze?

i really, really like this. SO SHOW SOME RESPECT, FOOS!!
Here we go:

Tonight's Lullaby - by Brette-chan

the world is black, the world is white

the world is all we need tonight
they all wait with baited breath for what they do not understand
a glass of wine, or something blue? all i need is up to you
sun and moon shine as one
the sky is all we need tonight
stars glow so merriely, go on for eternty
fifty-nine piano keys, one for you and one for me
we are both coverd in dew
dawn is all we need tonight
grass wont let us touch the ground, metal floor cannot be found
you point out the Milky Way
twilight is all we need tonight
paper crane, a white rose. steel flowers i dont know
church bells toll, i need to know
are you all i need tonight?
seven chimes for a maid, as i see you drift away

Oh, and I like this song shared to me by mah friend.
Strange & Beautiful (3:30) by Aqualung
(and no, I'm not just using this blog as a post-it note cause I'm too lazy to get one myself.... nooo....)

the thoughtful but airheaded,


  1. you..really posted it...rofl-of-tears, and no one said anything. laff you anyways.

  2. not even a meh? i guess it would be wrong to click "awsome" on my own song, huh?

  3. >.< should i still write another song? oh, and this one has MUSIC now!

  4. i see what you mean about the uber-fail meher