Monday, April 19, 2010

Avery Strikes Once Again

I have another joke for you guys!!  (provided by avery)
It helps if you say it aloud, though.
heh. heh. (I never mean any harm...usually.. I just like to laugh. Alot.)
Now, I present to you in extra large bold:
my joke of the I remembered this thing before I went to bed for once, yay!((Anybody like the colors for today's post??))

What do gay horses eat?


(I had it all decked out it rainbow, but it died. :(

Oh, and I found this AMAZING unicorn that somebody crocheted JUST for my entertainment..... right? RIGHT??!
Nah, but it is freaking awesome. Like, awesome awesome.
Like, daaaaaa-ng, I wanna be just like them.
Feast your eyes below.
Below this warble,
This, too.

Aw, come on. How can you NOT like this? A fuzzy wuzzy crocheted unicorn is impaling a teddy bear with its itsy bitsy unicorn horn of doom....happiness and serenity. Then, there's this totally fuzzy red colored happiness juice oozing from the spot where the pretty pony is tickling the bear. Sooooooo cute, loike riete? (say it all weird with me)
        I hope you can tell that I was seriously milking that. My actually reaction is: the story of my life, man.

the tcap hating loser who's stuck doing questions like:
Which is the correct form of the missing word?

Learning grammar is the __________ thing to people who have no lives. (which is surprisingly not me. Who knew!)
a. more importanter
b. most important

c. importanterest
d. most importanter

like seriously, by the first added part to the word, you have got to have realized something was up. *coughs* Important-er-est. And if you're one of those fools who missed the answer(which was most obviously b.) go 2 skool fo sum uv dat bok lernin'.

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