Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Stuff = Happiness

Okay, just wanting to ask-- do you guys (readers, *cough*) prefer more frequent but shorter posts, rarer mega-posts, or are neutral either way?
Tell me so that I can better serve YOU! (haha.... ha...)
No. I am not your personal slave.
Yet. Depends if you can make sushi and entertain me- I feat few can accomplish.
Not really. Just hand me a piece of twine.
Adorable, yes?
Yeah.... that's not me. Remember that mutant from a few posts ago? Mm, hm, now that's me.

Okay, I REAAAALLY need to stop my hand spasms. I pushed some weird button on my key board [BUTTERFINGERS] ... >sho tasteh<  and it made my screen FILL with the site I had up. Which was this one. And that freaked me out, so I pressed random keys on the board in kayla confusion. My loffs, I almost lost all of this beautiful work. This.... this masterpiece. This.....
Blasphemy, really.

And these are ones I've actually finished!!!

Voice: Good job. I clap for you.

Me: Are you... Are you serious?!

Voice: Haha. No.

Me: You were just yanking my chain!

Voice: Yanking.... your what?

Me: My chain. You're yanking it.

Voice: Oh. Be that way.

Me: It's okay, voicey. My fatherly figure (WowLaurenWow, thanks for the ref.) thought I didn't know what that meant.

Voice: Me either, what with your IQ score and all----

Me: I thought... I told you never to speak of that again...

Voice: *whispers* gooooose........eeeeeegg.......
Here are da books (skip as you please):
The Vampire Diaries
If I Should Die Before I Wake
I'll start at the bottom.

Being of Polish decent, I find fiction books on the holocaust extremely interesting.
If I Should Die Before I Wake by  Han Nolan is an example of a book like that. Also entertaining because I read it on the nine hour car ride to New Orleans.
In a nutshell.... (don't worry, no spoilers. I'm just cruel like that you lazy peoplez)
Enter Hilary, a sixteen year old neo-nazi living in the subburbs.
Well, before she was in a motorcycle accident that practically killed her.
Practically. While Hilary's body battles against the odds in a Jewish hospital (Irrrrony) not far from her wreck, her mind is far away in Poland.
There, she is no longer herself- she's Chana.
The Jew.
I give this booook.... 8/10 or 9/10.
The ending was a bit odd, but it was truly a touching story. *dabs at eyes*
If you're not into this sort of novel, you may be a bit bored-- though I found it engaging.
Still, the ending was weird. O.O
Book Three of The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love L.J. Smith's fantasy books- especially her Night World series which is by far one of my favorites!
This book was just downright disappointing.
Books one and two were phenomenal pageturners that I couldn't put down.
No, really. I blame the superglue.
And about the t.v. show- I've heard it's great, although the first episode was a major turnoff.
Like seriously, ELENA'S HAIR IS BLOND!!! Throughout the entire series, they mention "halo of golden hair" "blond" "angelic blond" "yellow wheat" .... those aren't the exact ones--- but you get my point. They mention it. Alot. I like my minor details.
And the other cast is pretty dang (f-bombsss awaayyy) - up.
Stephan is...... somehow unattractive. Kinda ape-ish.
And Damon. Well, he's an exception. They didn't portray him too terribly. Reminds me of the fawn dude in Narnia.

Okay, onto the story.
There's vampires. Yes, I get that.
What I don't get is why they randomly added a slew of kitsune-(japanese shapeshifting fox demon/spirits/ creatures. For reference- Nine-tails, the Pokemon. More tails = more power.)
I like japanese folklore, yes.
When it enters my beloved vampire books unsuccessfully and randomly- not so much. Especially when it alters the story.
The first bit of the third book was wonderful. The rest? Not so much.
Rating: Around 5.5/10. It was one of those WTF kind of books.
Soon to come:
Willow by Julia Hoban
Unwind by Neal Shusterman
(a continuation of) Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Oh, and if you get the chance to:
Listen to Mum.
No, not your mother, although she might like that from time to time.
The Band/ group/ person. I don't know- Alaina gave me the tracks.
Try the album- "Finally We Are No One"
I love it!
Your closet buddy,

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