Friday, May 28, 2010


I went a little clay crazy this week, buying all the knickknacks and doohickeys I do not need at all, whatsoever.
But, damn, they're useful! (my poor poor wallet)

-clay (30 color pack) + one regular chunk = 25 + 2
-exacto-knife, hobbylobby knockoff included were about five blades = 4
-clay extruder and 19 shapes = 11
-pasta machine = 25
Kayla's a dumbass.

But I learned something--LISTEN UP-- as long as you have enough copies, you can keep going up and using the discounts (at hobby lobby). I did this with my 40% discount. -on the clay, pasta maker, and a 15 buck organizer.
Adds up, real quickly.

I felt like doing crappy imitations of anime jewelry this weekend.....
It looks nice enough to me.
Did I fail?

The one with the design is supposed to be like Sheeta's from Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
And the moon is Hazuki's/Luna's from Moonphase.
(I said I'd do this! -one of my first posts, lol-)

I have no clue why this blew up to like 3x its original size....

Alaina, if you want a 'lil hint to your b-day, look here!
A piece of it has to do with shugo chara.** ^-^
loff ya! G'night everyone!!
**the oven killed it. SOBBBITY SOB!

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