Saturday, August 28, 2010

One o'clock Ramblings

I'm just going to type everything that comes off the top of my head....

They scare the hell out of me with their probing eyes, needles, and scalpels. Yeah, they're beneficial and blah, blah, blah- we all have to admit they're terrifying.
Well, at least to me. Cause I've got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday since I found a weird bump on my left breast and don't want to end up looking like my poor rats.
(this isn't my picture, but I think it shows my point.)
Future me isn't looking too good.....


Mockingjay comes out tomorrow!!
The long awaited finale to The Hunger Games series, which I have mentioned before.
If you haven't given it a try, do so now. What a gripping, heart wrenching tale... and finally the conclusion to the trio is out. I'm really regretting pre-ordering the book (since I'm getting it around September 2nd. I didn't know there was going to be a release party at borders...)
That party-- I'm so going to.
4:00 PM. I'm semi-pumped since all my former plans were canceled.
Though I'll kinda be going it alone....
At least I'm going to buy some merch. and new manga- also The Iron Daughter, sequel to The Iron King.
Which are definitely worth a read.

I've got to go soon (being banished to the downstairs realms).
Before I leave, I've got to touch on one last subject----


An adorable MMO, lemme tell you. As my friend Brette told me--- if you want to play the game, avoid the "world server" --hence it's of the world and runs very slowly.
And I'LL be on the UK version, so you'll HAVE to go on it. Problem solved.
I don't know how to explain the game.... but it's so adorable to kill things!!

Here's the basic instructions she gave me:

1. Go to and browse the games until you find NosTale.
2. Click and go to "help".
3. Make sure the setting is on "UK" and download!

--You might need an account to the site first, which takes roughly a minute.--


goodnight my lovelies.
<3, Kayla.

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