Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Can't Draw, But That Doesn't Stop Me

For my attempt at a roleplaying site. I've always wanted a mean girl....

Character Name : Felice Etude

Anime : OC  (And if there was one: Fish Tales)

Clubs : To Be Determined

Personality : Once a player, always a player, Felice is the flirt every girlfriend dreads and the girl every teenage boy dreams of. At least, that's her opinion. Haughty and quick to flare up in anger, she is one enemy one does not want to make. It is unknown whether she has a gentle persona as well, though the faked ones are as common as the nasty. Her intelligence is often mistaken as being quite low due to her lack of vocalization; those familiar with her schemes know that her beauty is merely pretty wrapping for that which lies beneath.

Quick Biography :
She appeared on the school's doorstep in the middle of a rainstorm and refuses to speak. Even moreso, she refuses to reveal any of her past. It is rumored, that same fateful night, that there was a monster koi in the academy's pool, a fantail with luminescent purple scales and a golden trail.

Character’s Looks : Despite the fashion of the rest in the area, she refuses to conform to any other clothing style save the one she has already perfected. Corsets, ribbons (especially in the hair), and flowing laces are what she fancies the most, along with the most sumptuous of imported dresses and skirts. Her border-line curly hair is a light lavender, an inherited trait from her mother; her eyes happen to be a darker shade of the hue as well. With a curvy but slim build, it is no surprise she is used to boys pining for her. Below her right eye, the outline of a teardrop peeks out when she peers at one from the right angle. A feathery white shroud is all that hides her mouth, lips caught silently moving on occasion. Her voice is yet to be heard.

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