Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update everyone!

Thanks everyone for all your nice comments about not meh-ing me.
Kayla appreciates it very much <33333. Oh. And this IS Kayla, I just find it amusing to refer to myself in third person. :3 I hope you all can agree with that. And I also hope you don't think this is a random hacker saying this is kayla writing in third person kayla talk, cause this is legit!
This weekend I went to my first anime convention: NASHVILLE ANIME DAY!
It was small but jampacked with cosplayers and random knicknacks.
I was a cosplayer.... but I forgot to take a picture (hahahaa, kinda)
Link to their homepage right HERE.
Ahahah, not really.
It's here.
But the other one is quite amusing, too.
Me = A smeargle.  My friend, Sami = Shiki from The World Ends With You

Some of the things I splurged on: (all the stuff is SO expensive)
- Entrance fee (only $3?!)
-Kitty ears with bells and tassels $18
-The yellow cat hat from Moonphase $18
- Random humongous box of win- scared me a little $10
- Different box of not win- weird $10
- 2 bags that were also random- random bento boxes inside-both $20
- Candy - $13.50

Here's the candy:

-Orange ramune
- PUMPKIN pocky
- Random gummies
- Little chocolate boxes
- Gum, with the purple top....I actually got that from a speaker that came to my library and talked aaaalll about Japan. (Free recessions!)
-More gum, in blue wrappings-with different fillings
-Rainbow package, kinda like starbursts. But OMFG delish.

I will continue......

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