Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lazy *ss

I should be working on my crocheted goods, but I'm lazy. -Something you guys should know quite well by now.
But I have been doing somewhat productive things. Kinda.
Like reading the Hunger Games Series (which I find REALLY REALLY good) Not the best- but amazing enough.
Cover look familiar?
If not,

With help from the internet, I've discovered plarn- plastic yarn. With the slightest bit of skill, I cut up plastic bags with a boxcutter and treat them like regular yarn.
Here are my poor attempts/ experiments:

It's an almost finished "bag".
The picture on the site lied to me. :(

Plarn bracelet...
I like how this one turned out.


Another thing that I've been "working on" (haven't in a while) is my driftloon.
(thank you blogger for the pattern...)
I have like.... half of the head finished... Woopsies. ^0^.
And yes- that is "I Love This Yarn" once again claiming my projects....

*nobody's looking- goes to pet the yarn*
"I love you, too....."

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