Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Cubular, maaaaannnn....."

Test subjects, test subjects, step on up. Don't be shy.
I have a pattern for you to try for me.
If I can explain a simple patten such as this semi-well, heck-- I can go onto other better things.

Animal Cubes: Attempt No. 1 // AKA Kayla's Noob Cubes

(I consider this ami, but it's not exactly done in the round)
* = personal opinion

Stuff you need/ might want to have:~*G hook/ 4.00mm
~Desired color(s) of yarn
~Plastic pellets (optional)
~*9mm safty eyes (this size works quite well)
~Short amount of time
~Thread (for faces, etc.)
~Scissors/ Friend with a good pair of choppers (teeth)
Terms Used:Ch = Chain
Sc = Single Crochet
FO = Finish off

Pretty basic, folks.
R1: Ch 10, sc on 2nd ch from hook, sc 8 = 9 sc
R2 - 9: Ch 1, turn, sc 9 = 9
R10: Do NOT turn. Continue to sc onto the next side (like a border) //be sure to mark it//
         9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 36
R11-18: Continue "in the square". Be careful to keep it at 36 per row. // = 36 sc
              // FO.

Repeat steps/ rows R1-9. // FO
~Design to your desire!
~Stuff (you can now- or wait until you've almost finished sewing)
~Sew on the last side.
When sewing on the last side, for better, cleaner results- go from out to in though the holes left by the sc. (so you don't form a miniature dent :) ) And OBVIOUS alert- be sure to match up the corners.
I'm a noob, so spare me. :P
If you have any corrections/ tips, feel free to tell me!
Don't forget to show/ tell me how yours goes!!
Awaiting your swift replies,
Ever (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)


  1. where is my pikachu?

  2. The Domo cube is adorable!

  3. Wow. You just made my day.... :3

  4. Nice Okami graphic! The cubes are super cute too. :D

  5. your image that from an Anime? which one?

  6. The "Okami" image? That is from the game..... OKAMI....
    Or the Domo? Cause he's some kid's tv show character.

  7. Do you have the pattern for the ears and horns for the Giraffe looking cube?

  8. I think I might just cry.... I posted... and then it deleted it. TT-TT

    Leaving extra yarn- chain 10 or so.
    Make a knot at the top.
    Tuck in the string.
    At the bottom of the horn, secure to base.

    Leaving extra room...
    Chain 3, sc in each (3)
    Chain 1, turn loosely to create curve, sc on each the next row (3)
    Secure to base.

    *secure by using a needle/ crochet hook to weave in

  9. Thank you SOOO much!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have a friend who is obsessed with Giraffes and this is by far the cutest design I've seen!!!

  10. Now the hard part: actually making it.
    Ahahah! I'm a lazy-arse. :D
    Nuh- uh!
    Thank you so much! :)))))

  11. HA! Yeah my friend is expecting it tomorrow and she's bribing me with chocolate because she knows how much I LOVE chocolate! I'm trying to get it finished as fast as I can and the ears worked out great but on the horns I'm having trouble making the knot and keeping the horns standing up. Any advice?

  12. Sorry.... I like made this a long time ago....
    (and I'm excited there's this much hype...
    Mm.. chocolate)
    Keep the chain loose (and tuck in as much as you can)
    and if you must, try starching it.
    For the top knot, you can also try doing a few sc in the last chain.
    When tucking in the little "tail," weave it into the chain, adding strength.
    Hope this helps. Ask if ya need any more help.
    You may just have to play around with it.

  13. Thank you so much again!!! Sorry I keep bugging you about it :P! I'm a beginner at this and I'm trying to go by practice makes perfect (so far so good). I tried the horns again and they look much better than the first few tries!! My friend is going to be so excited and my stomach is to lol (Mmmmm CHOCOLATE!) Thanks again!

  14. We all have to start somewhere :3
    You should see some of the freaks of nature I've created! <3 Like Franken-scarf
    Oh. It better be dark chocolate.
    Because then I'll beatcha half to death and eat it.
    Mwhahahaaha! (jk, I hope. I'm too frou frou for jaillllll)
    and the chocolate will make me fat..... what a cruel cruel mistress.

  15. Oh my gosh! She loved the Giraffe! And I got a Snickers bar lol! It was SUPER DUPER yummy! Although I would have loved dark chocolate too but I'm happy with any kind of chocolate! And you would never in a million years be able to defeat me in a fight for chocolate because I would go all out ninja on anyone who tried to take it lol!!! And yeah jail would for sure scare me!!

    P.S. I consider anything chocolate to be good for you (not fattening)! After all chocolate is technically a vegetable since it's made from cocoa beans and all beans are vegetables! ;)

  16. Ninja? Well I have an equal hand in that fight--A PIRATE-- Jonny D is mah protector!!
    How is chocolate a vegetable---? It'sssss aalllll milk and butter and faaaaaaattyyy.... Which equals happiness, but this is not math!!!!
    I'm happy she liked! I feel like it was second hand given from me.
    Aren't I generous!

    I really like dark chocolate milkyways.
    And human fle------

  17. Haha wow I'm not even gonna take a guess at the human fle.... And before I get all ninja on Jonny D do you think he would give me his autograph lol!! Jk but yeah I'm with you on the dark chocolate! It's heavenly goodness!! And heck YES it equals happiness! Forever and always long live chocolate!! By the way have you ever tried fudge pie with vanilla ice cream on top because if you haven't you're missing out on life!

  18. I would classify this as amigurumi because it's done in sc and with a G hook. And it's kawaii. So it's amigurumi.