Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Face towels, Face towels, Face towels, Oh my!

My mom and I love collecting.
I collect Depression Glass and books and old coins and other miscellaneous cool stuff.
My mom "collects" towels.
I don't know if she knows that she does it, but every time we hit the bathroom aisle of a store, her eyes dart right on to the towels. Hand towels. And face towels. And hair towels. And bath towels. And we can't forget the all important beach towels.
When she offers to buy me one, my internal dialogue fires up.

Mother: "Do you need...?"
Me: "Nah, we have plenty." (Gimme the towel! It's pretty! Just get it and go!)
Mother: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Mm......" (It's only three bucks! Not like you're paying for it!)
Mother: "Towel...?"
Me: "Well... Mine were getting a bit ratty..." (Yusshhh! Score one for the evil voice in the head!)

Usually it's me persuading my mother not to buy anymore, but hey, can't always be the good guy.

When I go on sleepovers, it's always a pain to get together a towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, and etcetera without taking ten minutes of my precious Kayla-Time. Too long. Much too long.
Anyways, we've accumulated a butt-load of these towels...
With first try being the charm, I made....

When I posted this, I was assuming that no one would ask me how to make it... But someone did. ;_;  (My friend.) And for her, I created another for the express purpose of this tutorial. That same one I'm using as a gift for my friend (her).
(Did I mention that these are perfect presents? Because they are.)

If you're a first or second or three-hundreth-time seamstress, I took my instructions step by step-- so it's all good. <3.


Good luck. Have fun. And Follow me. <3


Approximate time: <1 hour

*******Whatcha'll Need: ********

*Sewing machine
*Face/dish towel (small towel, about 12in x 12in)
*Pins. (ones you can bend and then junk)
*Ribbon- 2.5 feet (more is optional)
*Ruler (Preferred: Gridded Rotary Mat)

Step 1.
Set out your towel/ materials and cut off your tag.
Put the design you want showing toward the top (like my stripe) and the side facing you will be where your pockets are. The back is what shows.

Step 2.
Fold and pin each side at one inch. Make it as straight as you can.

Step 3.
Get out your ribbon and keep it in one piece.
If the ends have pretty edges like /\ or /|  CHOP 'EM OFF and make them straight.

 Step 4. Figure out where the heck you want your ribbon. I suggest to center it around 3-4 inches from the top; if it is a larger ribbon, just try and be sensible (see mine for example).

Step 5.
For the LEFT side, fold your ribbon in this pattern, your preferred side facing inwards.
For the RIGHT side, copy this pattern, but have the long tail/ fold facing the right end instead (think of a flipped image).

Step 6. 
Take out the pins you put in only in the area you plan to put your ribbon + some wiggle room. Place the fold into the crease.

Step 7. 
Fold the flap back down and then lay the ribbon over it, pinning in place. I suggest placing 2-3 pins horizontally (not in the mess I made; I change it later on).

Step 8.
Measure out 12in/1ft from the edge of the towel and cut the ribbon there. If you desire for it to be longer, go ahead. If your towel is larger than mine shown, make the ribbon longer as well.

Step 9.
Tie the end and repeat on the other side. (Check out the neatened pins!)

Here's the other side as well :)

Make sure you have thicker needles and extras (mine broke once on the first one I made).
Your foot will *most likely* be pressed for room.
I use very small stitches to catch the terry and make the bag durable.

Step 10.
Sew across from top to bottom, being sure to go over the ribbon a few extra times.
It seems that I stitched at 3/8 in.

Step 11.
To keep the ribbon from swaying this way and that, sew the /ribbon part/ over at the edges a few times. Try not to go over. You want it to be close.

Step 12.
Pouch time! Measure to your desire length when folded up depending on use.
I made mine based on a toothbrush. I stuck in the toothbrush and folded up the towel so that my toothbrush had around 1/2 in from the top. Pin on sides. Make sure it is even.

Step 13.
We are doing the edges, not the middle. Sew from thickest (bottom) to thinnest (top) at around 3/8.
Make sure you are hitting all the layers.

If you don't want any more pouches for whatever reason, you are done here.
If not, proceed.

Step 14.
Pin this edge here so that it runs evenly.

Step 15. 
Divider time! 

*For my toothbrush, I measured two inches from the edge. 
Account for how thick your edge is i.e. 2 in. using my 3/8 in. edge. 
(Toothbrushes are cylindrical, so they'll need some wiggle room). 
If you are making it for an electric t.b., make even more room!
Measure your t.b. and add a bit of extra room. Test it to be sure.
Pin from tip to bottom/ or bottom to top.

*For my middle divider, I folded my bag in half and pinned the mid area. 
I highly suggest a middle divider, since it will make the bag easier to fold and adds structure.
Pin here as well from top to bottom/bottom to top. Make it even.

*If you want extra/less dividers, then do so. I'm not your boss ;)
You can sew on velcro, buttons, etc. later on if you desire.

Step 16.
When you do go to sew it, be careful (needle breakage alert) and go from bottom to top.
Bottom to top/ thick to thin here, folks!
*You don't have to worry about sewing all the way from bottom to top.
Once you finish sewing the double-layer, go at least an inch further and you're done there.

Lookie here, you're done!!
Here's my finished product:

Step 17.
Share this with all your friends  >x<

How long did it take you to make?
Were the instructions clear?
Send a picture!
And keep blogging!

Enjoy :)

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