Friday, January 20, 2012

La Musique et le Roman

Je suis femme écrivain.
I am a writer and no one will stop me.
I will rise above all odds, an awesome wave.
I will divide and conquer (Q.What else does that?).
I am a writer and my books will stand like proud soldiers, fluttering on paper wings and not midst the sea of cyberspace. 

My friends are musicians and they are about to rock your world. (I would add a tsunami joke, but that's tsu inappropriate, isn't it? Honhonhon.)


Alaina Krakowiak

Every art this girl has touched contains a certain finesse, a secret, a mystery sauce. Individuality more than you've ever seen before.

She has the most concentrated talent I have ever seen.
Even more than "man who can hang 50 pounds from his ears"
And "woman who can smash cans with her volumptuous breasts."
I mean, damn, I'm so prouud to he graced by her friendship! (so proud there's even an extra "u.")
If you don't get my immediate point, then I shall continue with my infinite string of badly thought out simi-phors.
Haha. Not really. I have to conserve them for use later. Stand up comedy or something... yeah...
Because I know the only one who reads the written/opinionated-non-crochet patterns is me, I'll inform you all (read: me) on her new endevor--
Musical production.
She (modestly) played her music from an iPod one day as we were chill-axin (my diction!) in her chic room.
It started off with how many layers--- 16?
It was haunting and enchanting and fascinating and delicious (delicious!).
I never said this aloud, fore my mouth was perpetually stuck open and probably drooling in bewonderment, but.... "Now damn. I'd tap that."
Please. Please. (PLEASE!) Check out this budding internet star so in the future, you may say, "I saw her first!!!"

She's done covers.
She has her own album.
Singles, no prob. (I've been promising to put this here forever, so now one's been created. And it's beautiful.)
In her newest single, Starlight, her voice is so tender, comforting, and an all-over encompassment of what it means to be home .
I can't wait to hear what else this prolific artist has for us!

With love to Alaina who secretly knows this is all true,

Kayla the also-awkwardly-budding-author. <3

You can access all of her music here:
Best part, it's all completely free to download.
(But she'd appreciate any donations toward her music career.)
I'll add more comments pertaining to each song at a later time.
^ (I don't even know what I wrote, this is from a few months ago, because I, my good sirs and dames, am a procrastinator.)

ANSWER: Bacteria. <3
The heart is totally optional. I put it there for the pizazz.

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