Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attack of.... WHAT?!

Today, I have a line-up of attacks I've assembled especially for you! Don't you feel lucky? *maniacal laughter*

First up is: The Attack of the:
Shown above, everyone. ^-^ <--(nifty, eh? Both an arrow and a face. Oh, I feel so accomplished.)

It took some effort and time, but I finally finished this moss covered, slime producing ami beauty. Ahh...

Love it? Hate it? What should I make next?  - I appreciate feedback and comments. Show me you care! *insert threat here*

Next is:
Attack of the:
Obsessive Youtube-ist!

Youtuber? A tuber?
Ahh, forget it!

Here she is, Avery-chan, creator of the channel ihasacloud. Meet her epic face and all it's epicness.
(she's kinda hard to miss.
One on the left, Jonathan face plastered on.)
Jonathan face? Yesh, the ghost-person of doom thing from Full Moon wo Sagashite- also known as just Full Moon. See the resemblance? If you don't, look again!!
My featured video of the week is her newest video (as of now):
Rapunzel from the Ghetto .

Be sure to check her out. Literally. ME-OW!
*insert gay joke here, commentors. It's her request.*
Here we go- Attack of the:
Pokemon/ Game Obsession!

Example one: I got my long-awaited Nintendo Power magazine in the mail today- featuring..........
Here's a hint: HEARTGOLD!

The game sounds even better than before- with an included Pokewalker. You don't even have to be elderly to participate, either! Walker? You know? Hah?

Kayla's ready for the new pokemon revolution, (a remake of the old), are you?

Attack of your:
Daily Dose of Cute

I have no clue what these are, but they sure are adorable-ish! My guess is that they're a mutation between some deformed cabbage patch kids and some eggs. What's your take on this picture? *cough, comment*

Attack of:
The Girl Who Wants Stuff Out of the Kindness in Her Heart
That ^ would be me.
Remember that little site I told you about? Social Vibe? Let me explain it so that you don't automatically oppose it. Kay?
Ever heard of any of these organizations:
World Wildlife Federation, To Write Love On Her Arms, Whaleman Foundation, PETA, or Music for Relief?
These are among many of the groups you can support for free. Well, almost free. The only thing you have to give is a bit of your time. After all, time does mean money. // time = money, are we on the same page? //
So join at  and add me, not forgetting to do my tasks, too. In return, I'll do yours.
I'm LunaLovely . Hang on, my friends. // I think works, too!//
If you do tasks and others do yours, then you can benifit your organization while getting some free stuff. I'm keeping my eyes on the ball. The pink ball. :3 Haha! (look at the thing, folks. you'll get it)

You do realize, though, that since this is Kayla you're talking to, I'll slowly fade out of this in time. It's nice to know that at least I've provided 36 minutes to TWLOHA. ^-^
It's about time for me to wrap up for the day- or the hour- or the minute!

So, I'll end with: Attack of the: 

                                                 With love,
Ivy (a Kayla who wishes her name was something cool)


  1. i like dis! and if i dont get too lazy, i will attempt to do the social vibe thing so you can get your prescious balls. btw I WAS ALMOST NAMED IVVVYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don't bother doing the social vibe thing fo meh, I already have more than enough friend helpers. But if you want a ball, then be my guest. Lawl! (taNks for liking dis!!!) /names/ They're boff amazin'. Alaina & Ivy