Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating the Year O' the TIger

I celebrate by not celebrating. You should try it some time. Above ^ is my little umbrella mobile that I purchased from Pangaea in Nashville. They sell expensive things there... Although... they're Absolutely Adorable.
They each depict a separate color and animal- but I have no clue what half of them are because:
A. I'm too short to reach the fan/ ceiling.
B. I don't know exactly what they are (except the red one- it's a rooster)
C. I can't read Chinese. Mandarin. Korean. Japanese. Taiwanese. Or anything along those lines. English is hard enough. :)
Cosplay... I'm gonna do it. Some time. When I get enough money and time, I'm gonna make the necklace from Moon phase. (out of clay most likely) It's my all time favorite item from an anime so far... that's at least possible for a noob to make)
Here they are in all their glory --->

Anime con's coming to Nashville in April... So I've gotta be ready for it!

Something tells me I'm gonna put it off until the last minute. Well, at least I tried... to... get ahead?
I'm thinking ahead. Yes.
I'm working on getting some of my crocheting creations up before I totally forget.
And for an added bonus, I'll put where I got the pattern for them. I should anyways...

This little guy's an ORANGE CONE.
(not a carrot, sniffle)
I made it for my friend to go with a bunch of crap for her birthday. I'm having a little-- scratch that- a LOT of trouble giving him up.

The directions were very clear on the base of the cone and it resembled a tiny potholder when completed. And the top? That's a completely different story... I had trouble figuring out the pattern, so I had to make one up for that part. (if you want my directions, just ask) And the eyes are a bit large because the Hobby Lobby around here doesn't have 6 mm safety eyes. 9 mm work though, if that's all you have.
My favorite brand of yarn is: I Love This Yarn, but for this project they didn't have the color orange that I wanted, so I'm pretty sure that I used Red Heart, which I find scratchy. Anyone else agree?

And I present to you *drum roll, please!*


Wiff loff,
Willow (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)

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