Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who Let The Cats Into The Mall?!? // WHO? WHO? WHO??

It all starts with the Alice In Wonderland "party" at hottopic (my favorite store).
Well, before then--- it starts with going home with the infamous Alaina, where we got ready and made our Cheshire cat masks. [hers purple, mine gray]
While at the mall, we put them on-- and left them on.
For TWO HOURS OF AMAZINGNESS. Guess who's going to the mall with masks next time?
Things we did:
Had an epic staredown with satan. Okay, a satan-masked kid. Guess who won?
None other than us, da kittie cats.
It lasted for about five minutes, the dude standing completely still and us, naturally, giggling.
The showdown only ended when his friend pulled down his hood (which pissed him off, btw.)

2. Went to the party.
Which was basically empty... It kinda sucked...
But I got free trading cards for guessing on a random trivia question!
Jonny Depp has appearantly starred in 7 Tim Burton movies. Who knew?

3. Made people disapprove of us.
"Weird. Wierd. Weird."

4. Amused people.

5. Wreaked havoc on the kiddie toys.

As you can imagine, this was fun.

Oh, and here's some odd lady with a shopping cart.

Please explain this, because I'm baffled.
Your mission: make a CREATIVE reason why she's towing around a shopping cart and if I like it, I will feature it in my blog? Got it? GET THINKIN'!

I got some new stuff. XDDD
Soooo, be sure to check them out, they're worth your time. Promise. (I'm runnin outta time 'ere)

The Used- Lies for the Liars
The Used- The Used
The Devil Wears Prada- Plagues (Going to the concert in March @ Rocketown)
Alesana- The Emptiness (thanks again, Lainers)
Until next time,
Melody (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)

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