Monday, February 15, 2010

Obsession With... Limbless People?!

You heard me right: Limbless people. (The Oblongs) NOT THAT TYPE!

One thing I hate about so many ami's is repeating a pattern over and over and over again. Like with arms, legs, ears, wings, and other extremities. Two of each! Sometimes four!! What's wrong with one?!
That's why when I was working out the kinks of basic crocheting, I deleted those from my characters-- bringing you the Ugly Doll . An uglier Kayla-fied version.
I sold them to my friends and kept others for myself... A pretty sweet deal if I say so myself. I've discontinued making them, but here are two for your viewing enjoyment.

The one to the left is a ami-cature (caricature) of one of my besties, Alaina. The other is a bride- person- thing. As much as I dislike them... they were my firsties- Along with Ugly Owl, Lollipops, Ugly Garlic, A Just Plain Ugly Cat, and beyond. Ahh, memories....


I'm working on a snail and a pipe fox.
PIPE FOX GLORY!! (these are the pieces...)Sadly, my fox is only about half way done. Half... way... About 60 rows of 120.

Here's the link in case you ever want to make it:

I'm either going to make it my stuffed animal when done or use it as a scarf. Cute either way!
The snail's from one of my favorite pattern books. It's jam-packed with the amigurumi-est ami you've ever seen. I want to make them all!!

Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet by: Ana Paula Rimoli

The snail's from her latest:
Amigurumi Two! Crocheted Toys For Me And You And Baby Too

On another note, I'm finishing up on a season of Spice and Wolf.
Wonderful anime (with subtitles, boo hoo xD)
I can't wait until the next season is released on the internet. I'm getting twitchy.

Eventually... (I'm sooo lazy) I'll make some ami of these guys.
As in: Horo, Lawrence
Moonphase: Hazuki, Kouhei
Inuyasha: Inuyasha, Koga
Sailor Moon: Serena, Luna

It would be cool, anyways.

There's snow outside which equals-- maybe no school tomorrow!!
And I can get on with my obsessions...

Always watching (heh),
Aurora-chan (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)


  1. Arigato. I will eat them with much brio, too. Ooloolooloo!