Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I realize that I haven't posted ANYTHING on this and I'm deeply regretful. *snickers*. Okay, maybe not. On average (when I have my way = no school), I listen to music around 10 to 14 hours of the day.
This includes playing my clarinet, Clarice, who my band director is currently fixing-
Listening when drawing, crocheting, gaming, talking, emailing, chatting, reading, literally everything!
Even at school, single verses are on repeat in my head.

Speaking of drawing, lemme reintroduce you to my friend, Alaina-chan!
                              // train crash//

   You remember this picture, right?
My Alaina-chan Ugly-doll thing? //watch for the resemblence//
(head south, please)


It's nothing- making this view so much sweeter.
Like Chocorooms. (by the way, I only have three left)
Correction: Two
Edit: One

Um.... zero.

Just in case you're curious, this is the real Alaina. She appears:
So educated.
So regal.
So... pff.

Hahahaha! Love you, deary.

She's an all over artist extrodinare. Believe me!

Here's a drawing that she sent me just today:

I'm a total sucker for fan art... And it's HAZUKI! (Moon Phase)
As Hannah Montana would say *insert doped up voice*
"It's the best of both worlds."
Check out Alaina's Alaina-fied  blogspot blog  @ Alaina Speaks
Going back to music, which is what I was susposed to be talking about the whole time, here's what I'm listening to at the moment: Cute Is What We Aim For's Rotation.My brother, Randy, introduced me to them a few years ago with their original albums, but I decided to just get their newest one. When I get money, I'll buy their others, but for now I'm going to have to live with this. Fine with me. xD

Funky fresh beats that really have the power to get into your head. Each song has it's own life, unique from the rest. Kinda rocky, kinda soft, electric notes to keep you aloft.
If you have the time, check them out for free at playlist.com.
Don't worry your pretty, little head, I've already provided you with the link: Listenin' Time
I'm halfway done with my snail, HURRAH! Got the body, just need the shell.
I'll put it up as soon as I'm finished.
(this is a pic I took for a help site.... Cause I'm... Oh, so kind... heh...)

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Nighty night, dears, this is me signing out. For now.

SailorLoon (a kayla who wishes her name was something cool)

// Comments greatly appreciated. //


  1. wwwoooowow thanks. but actually, thanks :D

  2. Cooooshh I loff you. ^-^ *nom nom*

  3. my friend says your hot and i think your friend is a cool artist

  4. *smile*
    Who's your friend, anyways? lawl.