Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lion(ess)... Cat... Thing.

Now, without further adue, I'll present round one of: FRIENDS' FEUD!!
According to our readers.... Their favorite thing to write with is----- No, scratch that.
SURVEY SAYS: The computer! [ ^-^ ]
Pencil: One
Pen/ Marker: A big, fat ZERO
Computer: Five
It got my vote. An infinite eraser is absolutely heavenly. ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY.... *froths*
Pens are for devil worshippers and Hitler. Heil!
No worries, a new poll will be up shortly.
In the world of crocheting:
I'm making a kitty cat thing.
A day's efforts left me with this--- vuala! A head of sorts!
  Is it just me or does this thing look menacing!? I meant for it to be terribly cute, but now I'm just worried. Very worried. And it's supposed to be a cat, but I see more of a lion cub. What do you see?
(Look at the hanging SPINAL CORD!!)

I'll post the site when I'm finished--
the pattern's absolutely FREE!! <(O.O<)
If I ever get the time, I'd love to make a whole spectrum of these guys. Wouldn't black be adorable?? And cherry blossom pink? Ahhhh!

I said that I'd post pictures of my brothers, so here I go!!!!!!

This is Randy with his girlfriend, Samantha.
Gotta love those man-boobs. (hee hee)
He's not my favorite brother or anything. I'd never pick favorites... Yeah... Right....
*cough, I'm a horrid liar*.
Well, when I'm not trying. The other half of the time, I crack up laughing.

Voice: Epic fail.

What are you talking about?! It's not a dead givaway...

Voice: Uh, huh.... What are you talking 'bout, retard?

Voice in my head, don't make me get out the q-tips!!

They'll eat your soul.........
Okay, ew. Seriously.
Onto my next brother, Bryan and his wife, Lacy, of several years. I say several 'cause I'm not counting. For sure. He's okayish- and I still cried for him when I saw him. Of course. But he's 13 years older than me (compared to Randy's 11) and we were never that close. Never have been. Do the math! And honestly, I hate math. With brio. And lots of it. When I was three, he was sixteen/ seventeen.
   My most fond memory of him is when one day, I woke up "late" at night, my parents out to dinner. Randy was at friend's house, or at least he wasn't home- and I was crying, terrified. I found him (Bryan) downstairs watching t.v.; he shared his puffy cheetos with me. How touching.
Moozeek Tyme!
A bit of my favorite stuff right now (and for the past few weeks) is Evanescence.
Here's a free link to their music-- Playlist Presents Evanescence!
I'm drawn to them by Amy Lee's haunting vocals, the piano's subtle chords, the whispering, the environment, the world they create--- everything!
They're 0% pop, 100% awesomeness. Their songs are very sad, though- well most of them are- and easily relatable, well, unless you're one of those obsessively happy people. In that case, this music isn't for you. One. Bit.

Another thing that makes me love them all the more are their album covers. They have life. They have death. They're not empty pictures portrying some vain teen who got dumped by their boyfriend. Or a man's John Deere tractor. These are the struggles of real people, thoughts, and feelings. These are the truth. Here's a few that I love:
Favorite songs would have to be a toughey. When I look for these, I think about replayability, vocals, background/ atmosphere, and lyrics. These are Evanescence's strong points. ^-^

Kayla's Picks:
Missing (Anywhere But Home)
Fav. song when I was 7: Bring Me To Life (Fallen)
My Immortal (Fallen)
Hello (Fallen)
The classic: Call Me When You're Sober

// And more to come, but I happen to be poor and haven't listened to them all, anyways.//

I appreciate all those who take their time to read my musings. Seriously. Honestly. Completely. Definitely. And anything else which might hold the same meaning. I'm too lazy to get a thesaurus.

*Insert fancy theme song here*

Choice Numbah Uno
Number Two
Four Mah Homies

I'm done now....
And to whatever you say or will ever say:
I did NOT just get off-topic.

Okay.... Maybe just a 'lil.

Until next time, mah dearies:
Arrivederci ('til we meet again)
Elsa (a kayla who wishes her name was something cooler)


  1. it looks like a girl bear thing

  2. i argee but it is sooooooo cute

  3. it still looks like a bear